You’ll also be expected to have some work experience in conservation or other related areas. A specialization in marine zoology/biology will focus on the behavior, physiology, and ecology of marine organisms. A zoology degree with a specialization in animal behavior will draw on biology, psychology, ecology, ethology and anthropology to examine the ways in which animals interact with each other and their environment. you want to study in by taking our quick survey. One could be your cost of living. Most zoology degrees will offer the chance to take field trips, whether for short-term excursions or for year-long placements. Favourites. It’s also often beneficial (but not essential) to have studied psychology, physics and/or mathematics. Natural resource managers guide sustainable development to protect environmental assets. Zoology is a branch of biology which specializes in the study of animals both living and extinct, including their anatomy and physiology, embryology, genetics, evolution, classification, habits, behavior and distribution. English courses available. While zoologists and vets share a lot of similar skills, vets are clinically trained and qualified to operate and care for animals. What’s It Like To Be An International Student Studying In The Netherlands? Vocational courses – Other Level 3/Level 6 qualifications (e.g. Nature conservation officers work to protect, manage and improve the environment through conservation work, publicity and scientific monitoring. Geographical Sciences is the study of the Earth's landscapes, peoples, places and environments. ), Create social impact and get academic credit, How to get the DL on UWA Hogwarts and all, Working for a Fortnite: five careers for your teenage gamer, Australia Awards Scholarship students arriving in Australia, Smart Justice: How we can reform a broken system. Most graduates will pursue a career as a: And, with a little more training, or a slight change of direction, zoology graduates can also pursue jobs as: Zoology will take you from the lecture theatre to the laboratory, with field trips at home and abroad throughout your study. Marine zoology specializations will also enable you to gain analytical skills in geographic information systems (GIS) and take part in field trips. 65770. Founded in 1869, University of Otago is New Zealand's oldest university, with a long history of excellence in teaching and research. You’ll study modules such as fish ecology, marine vertebrates and invertebrates, marine pollution, conservation methods, parasitology, microbiology, and molecular biology. It is also offered as a second major in our other bachelor's degrees. All rights reserved. Another option is a role as a veterinary surgeon – in the US, you can often study a pre-veterinary zoology track to give you a head start if you intend to progress to veterinary school. It’s essential that you check alternative entry requirements with universities or colleges. Ready to apply for this major? Conservation biology is the science of protecting and managing biodiversity. Zoology graduates are employed in private sector companies (such as fisheries, aquaculture, resources sector), in government departments (for example, Environment, There are a few things to consider before applying to study at university. Psychology may also be useful, particularly if you are looking to specialise in the behavioural side of zoology. Views. You’ll examine the activities and mannerisms of different animals, finding answers to ‘what, how and why’ questions about their actions, such as mating, hibernation, caring for their young, finding food and much more. You’ll generally start with an introduction to key zoology themes, before becoming more focused on conservation and management, with modules on the behavioral, nutritional and reproductive biology of zoo animals, as well as the hygiene, health and welfare of captive animals. Why Good Communication Is More Important Than Ever Before, 6 Career Paths You Can Pursue Starting With A Bachelor in Management, National Changhua University of Education, Use of geographic information systems (GIS), Presentation and oral communication skills, Project management skills, including for fieldwork, Ability to work both independently and as part of a team, Knowledge of computer modelling and simulations, Find your perfect School and Program with our matching tool, Connect with other students on our forums. The course for Honours in Zoology is a blend of coursework and research designed to introduce you to the world of research on animals. 11. Click here to read more about the possibility of completing your undergraduate course in two years rather than three. Below you’ll find a list of admission equivalencies for this course's Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR). Manage, organise and develop museum collections, and conduct related research. Provides the research basis for solving environmental problems. As a subject which could take you into a hundred different careers, a zoology degree is a varied and diverse experience. Many universities offer the opportunity to undertake zoology fieldwork overseas, perhaps as part of a ‘sandwich course’, which will enable you to gain a deeper understanding of more unfamiliar animals and their habitats. Most BSc Zoology degrees are three or four years long, depending on the country in which you study, and you’ll typically be able to specialize your degree as you progress. Yes, all the … Visit Global Studio for more details and to apply to study abroad. View 1 Zoology courses. Find out more about apprenticeships across the UK, 20% off - Student Offers with Three Mobile. The School of Biological Sciences is advancing our understanding of the Earth’s living organisms and creating sustainable futures through conservation. Scholarships are available to students from a diverse range of backgrounds, including academic achievement, financial need, educational disadvantage, leadership and community service, artistic or sporting achievements, and being from a rural or remote area. Advise on policies to determine design, implementation and modification of government or commercial environmental operations. As a subject which could take you into a hundred different careers, a zoology degree is a varied and diverse experience. This career may appeal if you specialized in environmental conservation or a related field during your zoology degree. Whether you’re protecting animals from natural and manmade threats, researching cures, preventing disease, or fighting extinction, you can be sure that zoology will give you a feel good factor that many people don’t get from their job. To progress your career, you’ll usually need to specialize in a particular branch of marine science, such as coastal management or fisheries biology.

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