If it was indeed an alien ship responsible in "The Burning Man of Brazil", then them causing the poor man a slow death rather than abducting him was outright cruel. 279. People may have felt, let's say, a little weird about it. The barking man from the second tale in "Highways of Horror", whose face contorted to give the exact impression of a dog barking and disappeared as soon as the truck driver tried to film him. Was UB-65 really a cursed ship that ended up being haunted by the ghost of Lieutenant Richter, or did a series of unfortunate accidents and the stress inherent to being on a military submarine lead to a case of mass hysteria? The titular Beast of Gévaudan was said by many witnesses to be a werewolf, being much bigger than a normal wolf and having features reminiscent of a man at the same time. Bedtime Stories is a YouTube documentary/horror channel centered around the supernatural and paranormal. “The idea is it’s an introduction,” she added. The titular "Entity of Tsarichina" is heavily implied to be this, said to have existed before mankind and lures human in an attempt to be set free. "The Kentucky Goblins" two-parter features a number of abandoned mines in rural Kentucky, some of which are rumored to be the location of an alien. On this channel you can explore and view tutorials on most everything—literally most everything. This week, we share the tale of Rudolph Fentz; the man out of time. Who - or what - could have been responsible? Families then have the chance to explore the books in the school library and choose stories to read together. "The Disappearance of the Nanjing Battalion" features the landings at Ramree Island of the coast of Burma, where Japanese Army troops are killed by saltwater crocodiles and mysterious humanoid creatures, all while British forces can hear it happening. Bedtime Stories is a YouTube channel that is making fantastically creepy vids about various conspiracy theories and urban legends. You can listen to their stories here. Were the Mothman sightings really of some bizarre unknown creature? The object returns in "For Whom The Bell Tolls", where it is discussed in further detail. If the underlying story is copyrighted, yes, that would be infringing. Aside from the usual ghosts, aliens and the like, the series is also notable for covering several strange disappearances, unexplained deaths and ghastly cases of real crime. The fact it did not come after the hunter despite having no reason not to points to this. 1 year ago. Some fringe theorists say that the object that crash landed near the titular town has something to do with this weapon, since the shape of the object and symbols found on it were said to be similar to the Nazi object. Black also stressed that the school had taken a two-pronged approach and, on a Monday afternoon, parents of nursery, P1 and P2 children are invited into school to take part in a reading session with their children. This one about the Mothman is my favorite. "Turn off the lights, get into bed and plug in your earphones. The titular Man From Taured, a rather unwitting one who was detained by Japanese authorities at Haneda Airport before apparently returning to his home dimension. The story of "The Blackbird of Chernobyl" is regarded as likely fictitious since those who reportedly saw the titular monster died during the incident. Some might criticise the approach, Black acknowledged, because it encourages children to engage with technology before bedtime. The US Navy diver from "Secrets of Celle Neues Rathaus", who was suffering a two-hour long panic attack after seeing what kind of experiments the SS did within the hall's flooded rooms.

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