And you don't have any problems getting by now. Those cordless tools in your cabinet? But maybe you didn't need to be reminded of the tangible examples of the application of NASA science to our daily lives. Those countries know this and are pushing into space as fast as they can. But when the government controls things like food production, people … This poses a problem for NASA, which, with its current level of funding, will never be able to undertake a massive endeavor like a … I don't see a correlation between stronger military and less poor people. I don't think so. Although funding NASA takes a lot of money, they put out even more, which keeps our economy striving. Someone posted saying that the U.S. Military funding is 50 times more than that of NASA. We won the cold war but now our astronauts sit at a Russian bus stop to go to a space station we mostly funded?Also, do we want someone with a communist or socialist value system to own the solar system? Not only is this project expensive, it also comes with various risks; samples could contaminate our planet and cause unknown reactions, another country could plan a faster retrieval, or the mission could go on indefinitely. Look at the hospitals even cat scans were developed through NASA. Without NASA, there would be fewer people going to college, fewer people with jobs, fewer technologies being created, a national security system that still would be using out of date weapons, and much more. Developed from the application of 30 years of experience in remote measurement of the temperatures of stars and planets. The United States of America is already trillions of dollars in debt, why spend it on something that is really not that important? Whether NASA is funded at all should be entirely up to the individuals in our country. The ignorance being shown here is appalling. That ear thermometer that saves you an awkward rectal exam? For example, the Walmart Foundation alone donated $1.42 billion in 2016 and over $30 million towards Hurricane Harvey victims, and Best Friends Animal Society saved around 200,000 animals in 2016. And what additional benefits could we obtain with those savings? We are already in big trouble with China, we have a HUGE amount of debt that our child's grandchildren have to pay and we're spending money that we dont have. Many people only focus on the space exploration part, which would not be a failure if NASA had the money to even carry out their experiments and other research purposes. Wear glasses? Some of you are correct then you are also incorrect for we have so much money that we do not have to spend it all on just NASA but then we will also not be able to support our army. We continue the proud human tradition of exploration, the eternal zeitgeist fueled by unbridled ambition that has pushed our civilization to achieve things once thought impossible. This site uses cookies to enhance your experience. Their discoveries range from the artificial heart pump (LVAD), modeled after the engine fuel pump of their space shuttle, to the protective coating that preserves the Statue of Liberty and the Golden Gate Bridge. By funding a space program, we inspire the next generation to enter the fields of science and engineering. NASA shouldnt be our top priority right now, if we took the money we spent on NASA then we could build homes and supply food for the homeless. However, it should not receive the huge funding that it currently does, and certainly not increased funding. A popular misconception about NASA is that it is a very costly program that focuses solely on space; however, this is far from the truth. Furthermore, new technological advances, if funded, will stimulate desperately-needed economic growth in the nation. Another common argument is: “NASA benefits society, therefore we must fund it so that our society will prosper!” If that were the guideline for determining government funding, then our houses, cars, food, and everything else we own should also be paid for by the government. USA should fund NASA because it has done more than 182 missions with only 3 failures over the past 58 years. And yes Nasa does screw up sometimes but who doesn't. The US government should not focus on the space program when they don't even have any money to spend on it. This is not something that we, as a country, can afford anymore. Fewer and fewer people are seeing Anti-Media articles as social media sites crack down on us, and advertising revenues across the board are quickly declining. We spend HALF of our money on space exploration. But I do see … The government should, must, dedicate a lot more money to NASA.And there's no way around it. It GIVES its technology away to any American who wants to use it to start a business and not only that, they offer scientists and engineers and business experts to help you get started and figure out ways to make it work. Most people probably don't even realize it. When people wonder why we haven’t been back to the Moon or made it to Mars, especially if we were able to go to the Moon during the Apollo program, it is because NASA has not been funded as well as it was during Apollo. Say goodbye to the amazing inventions of the future. Also satellites or like eyes in the sky. NASA claims to need more money, but the organization has not made a single major discovery in years. 17 Billion dollars. and if, by any chance, Columbus is looking down on it and sees what has become of it, he'll be cursing the curiosity that drove him to discover it!Why, when our own children are dying from hunger by the billions, do we take the food from our "pantries" and give it to our far away " neighbors? There is no USSR to compete with anymore, and the country is quickly heading towards bankruptcy. Also here's a link to the stuff they invented that is now being used by a lot of people: All NASA is doing is sending more and more junk into space, if they want to keep going into space than they can use the money of those who want to donate or of those who work for them. How NASA's Budget Is Made (part 2) Once the President's Budget Request is finished, there are still several more steps before the budget is complete. The things we learn while in space include how to preserve our planet, when will there be a severe weather alert, such as a hurricane, and maybe someday our planet will be way overpopulated and we'll need anther place to live, like Mars. Considering that the budget of NASA is roughly $500 billion per year the impact on the budget from cutting this programs would do nothing to fix the deficit. Soldiers risk their lives for us, and what do they get? We do have to deal with the reality of world events, but surely we should not let terrorism set the agenda. NASA's influence is substantial, other things are not as much. NASA is responsible for inventing CAT scans, MRI's, the memory foam bed you sleep on, etc. But when the government controls things like food production, people … Yet without coerced funding, we still have plenty of books. NASA is a total waste of time and money. Again, the opportunity costs deserve consideration. The United States owes money to China. Sign-in to your Escapist account to enter contest, post comments, and simply be more awesome. Opinion by Kassidy C. Neville / Creative Commons / / Report a typo. The reason it is is because the sun is an average star so it will act like a normal star. Our taxes should be going towards U.S. debts with other countries and education, not spending billions of dollars on collecting rock samples. Currently, our opinion doesn’t matter when it comes to which option we would rather have the government spend our money on. but make sure that we take proper care of those that are on earth RIGHT NOW! The risk that terrifies me most is that these samples have the potential to alter the ecosystem on Earth in ways that we cannot possibly predict; is there a waiver for my life hidden somewhere in the social “contract?” Who decided that knowledge, exclusively for the sake of learning, takes precedence? After all, most of these inventions were simply inspired by NASA’s technology, not specifically produced by NASA. The ear thermometer was invented too. If we do not invest in space exploration it will unquestionably become one of the greatest regrets of our era, a blemish on the history of mankind that will take hundreds of years to recover from. And yet, every year, NASA has to go to Congress with its hand out, while Congress squeezes the budget tighter and tighter while still expecting the same amount of work. Goodbye safety, your airplanes just got more dangerous if you take NASA out of the US. NASA has not failed us at all. Funding NASA could get us to put colonies on mars and the moon and over all help man kind by solving overpopulation and possibly even discovering other life forms. Sadly, when things work, Washington (and we the public) forget them and take them for granted. Nobody sits around eating bonbons and wasting taxpayer money. If you’re thinking that this $2.4 billion price tag includes the retrieval of said samples, you’re unfortunately mistaken. In 2016 alone, the government spent $36.2 million of our money in legal costs battling lawsuits to protect themselves. Save the money for stuff that is needed. They evolved from technology developed from the Apollo lunar landing program. The entire country could be in favor of the government providing healthcare for one year, but the decision would still be made by a few bureaucrats sitting comfortably in their opulent headquarters on Capitol Hill. Also considering that NASA has pushed science to all new heights and new frontiers for nearly 50 years the impact of cutting such an essential part of the science field would be profound. Even if this is true, the U.S. Military is here on the planet helping to keep us safe and free. But when the government controls things like food production, people starve to death. The military relies a lot on satellites. Anti-Media’s independent journalism and analysis takes substantial time, resources, and effort to produce, but we do it because we believe in our message and hope you do, too. If you dare to bring up the argument of NASA's funds should be used somewhere else, then you are obviously oblivious of all the corruption and money spent and lost due to politicians who look into themselves as opposed to their people. The people who work there work for peanuts, compared to the private sector, but they do it because they believe in the cause of expanding our capabilities and making America foremost in research and technology. The US used to have a space program. In fact, 1963-1969 were the only years in history that NASA received over 2% of the total budget. Perhaps we would all be better off if these scarce resources were allocated elsewhere? But maybe you don't want your hard-earned tax dollars being put towards space shenanigans. This is one of the most ignorant statements possible; NASA gets 0.48% of the budget; less than half a percent! You don't know USA if you say this because USA would use this 0.5% of their annual expenses to make their military stronger. I'm not saying that NASA should cease to exist, it is and has been a great program over the decades. we always have enough money for things but the government wants to have control of everything and not let us the people choose whats right for this country.

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