Thank you, Gelatine should work to thicken Kara – that’s the purpose of the egg white :). It definitely loses it’s potency over time. 2. You can use any yogurt for a starter as long as it contains live cultures. I was going to make a batch with just probiotics last weekend, but chickened out.. Sterilizing your jars isn’t hard and makes it more likely your yoghurt will last. Can you help please?? Is it possible culturing it in a metal container is not a good thing to be doing? Don't think they have to be sweet, either; this savory spiced Indian chaas blends in cumin, cilantro, and green chili for a stomach-settling sip that puts all those probiotics to good use. Originally I had it in a covered bowl for 48 hours than found it was still runny. Hi, I really enjoyed your recipe for coconut yogurt.. thanks in advance , Annette. Ahhhh, the ol’ use the blog comments to crowdsource answers to homework tasks trick…. I use the separated whey in place of buttermilk and i have a “greek” style yogurt as a result. -not that I like the texture that gelatin imparts to yogurt…. March 2018 A starter culture. I’m crossing my fingers. I am in the Bahamas and we have plenty of coconut trees around. You can make one yourself out of brown rice and cotton material. Hope that helps Jx. I simply heat the milk just like you said. What proportions would I use? As I cannot buy powdered yoghurt cultures here in Tanzania and as using a fresh culture for every batch of yoghurt would be expensive, I developed the following method. Interesting Ayas… I haven’t tried earthern pots but have had lovely yoghurt in France set in the pot. Place 1 tablespoon of the tepid milk in a cup. Looks good but where do you get the yogourt culture from in Melbourne. I think the ‘duds’ happen when you get other strains of bacteria taking over Angeline.. nothing to worry about though. I didn’t add egg white powder but from the sounds of your post that’s more a thickener – I added powdered coconut milk to my second batch thinking that may help it emulsify but it didn’t seem to help. Trust me. The fresh whites are going to add extra water so you’d need to be careful. Soooo, is this yoghurt safe to eat with regard to bacteria? I’ll work on reducing the amount of powdered probiotics as I did heap it in. Has anyone used that with success? (BTW I don’t see a way to get notifications about replies to comments so I’m just stalking this page to find out when you reply. Yoghurt will store in the fridge for up to 2 weeks and you can now use the last of this homemade yoghurt to make your next batch! I read that it is not possible with coconut milk yoghurt, but as you add the egg white powder – perhaps it works…. You can also use a crockpot (slow cooker) to make yogurt. I ferment mine for up to 24. Later I added some chia seeds, walnuts, and organic raisins for a real treat ! A smear of yogurt, done up with some lemon and herbs for good measure, is as easy a sauce as they come. Why don’t you do one or the other? We have success! Very pretty. thx again :D, Hi! Very simple. It still didn’t set still. I have been making yogurt for a little while now – I use a cooler full of warm water to keep the temperature stable (and by using water that’s just under 130 F it takes less time than if it were at a lower temperature – though I’ve read that over 130 F kills the bacteria). egg-white powder in the yogurt? Christa is referring to using an electric heating pad, used for aching muscles and such, to gradually bring the temperature up. Why coconut yoghurt?! From there you can feed your new homemade fro-yo addiction with blackberry, raspberry, orange, and mango variations. I have been making own vietnamese yogurt at home, sweetened with condensed milk. I have been buying the So Delicious Greek style coconut yoghurt and was excited to try your version. ?…My holistic doc told me to take 10 caps and use them as a starter for yogurt he told me Goats or Raw milk is best…do not want to go and use 10 caps and find that it failed at making Yogurt…they are expensive . Thanks for sharing your experience Jen! Just yesterday, I found my starter had wee bit of reddish stuff at the top edge, but I didn’t want to waste my time going out to buy fresh yogurt starter so it just scooped off the red stuff and carried on. Creamy avocado-mango ones, or jammy persimmon lassi (speaking of lassi, we also have a mango one, or a savory mint lassi), or more dessert-like banana Nutella versions. Almond and soy milks don’t have these proteins so even if you get the fermentation you don’t get the thickening… Jx. Or am I just being paranoid and too risk averse? However you must make sure it’s arrowroot from the maranta arundincea plant. How do i know if the yoghurt is funky…??? I believe that it’s a Japanese firm and independent clinical research trials have confirmed that it does have health benefits, lowering blood pressure and helping with cholesterol levels, provided that I think it’s about 100ml per day is consumed. Maybe the neighbor in Wittmann, Arizona who taught me to milk my first goat? And this is how I check- with clean hands, (scrubbed fingernails, too) I plunge my pinky finger well down into the middle of the milk. I borrowed an Easiyo yoghurt maker from a friend a while back and tried a couple of times to make yoghurt using full fat coconut milk. UPDATE: I’ve been experimenting with skipping the sterilising step and haven’t had any failures yet, so feel free to skip it if you aren’t worried about possible contamination in your milk. If it doesn’t set now then I’ll start from scratch and pay more attention to the fat content on the cans. I don’t think it will taste very nice Marie – almond milk has so little protein but you never know! For the chilling (or esky) part, could I just simply pop it in the fridge? I guess i could use it in smoothies if it doesnt set? How much arrowroot powder would you use ? This keeps them warm much longer, and hasn’t failed me yet, even when the house is around 60. Heating milk to 180ºF (˜80ºC) kills undesirable bacteria, and unwinds the milk’s casein, making the yogurt thicker and creamer —in theory, anyway; in practice I notice no difference vs going straight to culture temperature. Also, make sure the vessel is clean and the milk isn’t spoiled. Thanks for providing great content and a place to discuss. My daughter seems to not be able to tolerate dairy, so I have switched her to alternatives. But a traditional thermos is hard to clean properly so I see where they are coming from. but here I am. Is this possible? Once you have it to the consistency you like tip away the yellowish liquid, if the yoghurt is nice and thick you will probably find you can almost scrape it from the muslin. Also, my coconut milk says consume within 2 days of opening. I used a commercial culture which I obtained fromGreen Living Australia ( for my first batch, but now store some of each batch to use in the next one. Lately I have become very tired all the time. J. Fingers crossed – ill let you know how it goes. Really interested to hear how it goes with the pectin… brilliant idea. (That’s their source of protein because a lot of poor people cannot afford meat). please expatiate. I’m not sure when you posted this but I can see by the comments it was quite awhile ago. Question..can PROBIOTICS like 50 billion from Renew Life capsules be used as a starter for Yogurt making? I believe UHT/ultrapasteurised milk doesn’t need this step as it has already been done (hence why it tastes a bit different). and brucellosis; some farmers operate "cow shares", which are legal in Indiana. Would calcium milk from the cold section of the store work? The longer you leave it wrapped on the hot water tank the more tart or sourish it will be. I think I'll do it that way from now on. Perhaps I’ll try using agar powder or cornflour next time to see if it would help hold the clear liquid and dense coconut extract together. Come to collect it 6 to 10 to 14 hours/etc depending on how warm it has been there. Been Gluten, Dairy, Starch, Yeast, Soy free for last 10 years. Ok – I’m using the touch method as I don’t have a thermometer. For those who want more simple still. 2L (8 cups) full fat milk 100g (3.5oz) full cream milk powder, optional 2 teaspoons yoghurt culture. Thanks so much for your recipe and guidance- your experience in the food science world is very valuable! Look forward to hearing how round 2 goes Jackielyn…. I will try to find dried egg white powder from a cake making supplier as I can’t find it in the supermarket.. Thanks! You could add beans to the milk as its heating to infuse… And if you need more sweetness after its made just add your fave sweetener. We had raw milk delivered each morning. Coconut milks and creams vary hugely in their fat content which really tells you how much water has been added. The challah uses 4 yolks, I just hate discarding all those whites! HI Ann The hard ‘yoghurt’ icing found on cereal bars etc is actually white compound chocolate with some yoghurt powder added for flavour… so using fresh yoghurt won’t give you the same result. Food Do you really need to sterilize the milk? Thanks :). An additional source of a very good culture and an additional bacterial culture variety that isn’t in traditional yogurt is the commercial Danone/Yakult type brand yogurts that are ridiculously overpriced in the shops, and which taste foul because they add all sorts of artificial sweeteners and sugars, but don’t let that put you off, because that can be easily fixed and it won’t be a problem, just get some, use a teaspoonful to culture a new small jarful, then use a teaspoon of your new culture to make another batch, and after you’ve done that a few times all of the gunk will be gone and it will taste fine. Thanks, Ken, I’d get rid of your Aluminimum pots if you can Ken And yes I’d steer clear of culturing in metal Hope that helps J. Hi Jules, I have been making cow-milk yogurt for a while now. This very short time is too short to ‘prepare’ the proteins for optimal results. Thankyou!! I think you’re fantastic and your recipes are always a huge success at all of my dinner parties and regular meals alike. I’m kicking myself a little for not starting sooner. I wondered if you had any insight into a batch of yogurt I made recently that turned out exceptionally creamy and with a nice texture, but not tart at all. Hi Jules Had no idea making your own yoghurt was that easy. In fact, in India, where I grew up, no meal is complete without yoghurt. It thickened the yogurt nicely. I make my yogurt in a soup flask that has a wide neck, keeps it warm enough over night. The only drawback is that the colour is not nice and white like coconut milk. The yogurt tasted a lot like sour cream and was soooo delicious to someone who has not had any dairy for 8 years. Yes , Trader Joe’s Soy milk is excellent and cheaper than other brands, I mixed it with Costco Greek yogurt 10-1 ratio as directed from my yoghurt maker instructions, turns out liquid separates from solids very much like tofu , stirring it up makes thick liquid drink . I don’t know of any way to make sure the Lactose is broken down or any formulas. I found out yogurt culture often has whey and thus is not vegan, so I used dairy-free probiotic capsules instead at the ratio of 1 capsule per 500ml coconut / soy milk. – see the head note for how to use UHT milk and skip the heating step. Once the water inside boils in the cooker it then stays on a low heat setting to keep the rice warm. Cover it or wrap it in some hand towels and put it in an oven or top of fridge or a pantry. I literally forget about it for 24 hours. I have tried 1 batch but it didn’t set thickly enough. Could you let me know how to mix the milk and how much dry culture in the correct proportion, thanks. An esky is fine for maintaining the temperature? 2. h/t – thanks for the info. I have been making yoghurt at home for over a year now, but have recently heard from a family member that apparently it’s very dangerous as when you take a spoonful of the old batch of yoghurt into the boiled milk to make a fresh batch of yogurt, some pathogenic bacteria gets transferred as well, and so over time you keep building up more and more harmful bacteria as you always take some of old yoghurt into the fresh batch.

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