The person of interest is being accused for leaking information about the upcoming Assassin’s Creed game. Then, you need to find a secret place of meeting, which turns out to be a bunker under the highway. There is an NPC named "Chuck Norris" in the game, complete with a portrait that resembles the famous martial artist. If you come closer and hack into his phone, you will hear an interesting conversation. The music that plays is a song from the video game Rayman Origins. Graffiti of Slender Man can be found around Chicago. Ubisoft Montreal included a Side Operation in Watch Dogs 2 concerning video game leaks, namely those from Ubisoft’s studios. Make sure to check back in as we uncover even more Easter eggs in Watch Dogs 2. The protagonist of the first Watch Dogs returns in the sequel, but only in a small cameo that is a part of the “Shadows” side mission. Marcus “Retr0” Holloway is everything that Aiden wasn’t, so many fans were thinking good riddance. In the 3.9T muscle car, you can find a keychain with a silhouette of Rainbow Dash. Apparently, the developers got tired of hiding separate easter eggs to all their games, so they decided to deal with this matter all at once. in Ayn Rand's novel "Atlas Shrugged". Spotted Kiwi- a company named after a bird. Some NPCs wear shirts that show a wolf howling at the moon. In the Chalet map, a magazine from Platform can be found in the bathroom. Inside the basement you will find an arcade machine with Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. The very first pawn shop in Watch Dogs 2 - Papa B’s Pawn - has a huge selection of discs behind the counter. Ubisoft is renowned for hiding lots of easter eggs in their games. They have a huge catalog, so unsurprisingly, their favorite type of easter eggs are the ones that reference their own games. On the island located to east of The Loop, A City Hotspot ". For a list of easter eggs in Watch Dogs 2, see List of easter eggs in Watch Dogs 2. It’s fun to see how a game can turn into reality in just a glimpse of an eye for somebody who doesn’t respect others. There is a mission called Big Brother. There are also copies in the Mansion in Bad Blood. is presumably a reference to the phrase "Who is John Galt?" There’s just something about Scientology that makes open-world games have to include it, specifically open-world games set in modern America. There is also at least one lawn gnome in the Wards. When you learn their names, they actually start to resemble those pesky ghosts. In the Bank map, there is graffiti that can also be found in Watch Dogs. In the course of the game you will get the chance to prank an internet troll and streamer who happens to play Rainbow Six: Siege on his computer. Aiden Pearce seems to be in a trouble and you need to locate his cell in order to help him get out of there. There is apparently a "Bird on a Chimney" somewhere in the game. It has been mentioned in the. It is the same hand with the middle finger up with dislike under it. As a result, you will find the source of the virus near the underpass in a street alley. There is a profile that says Occupation: Rebel with a cause. The stickers on Aiden's hats and on NPCs' hats have W_D 2014 MTL on them. In order to locate the source of the Zombi2 malware you need to hack into the infected phones. There is a symbol that looks like the like button from Facebook. Here is a movie easter egg for you, the one that has been a childhood favorite for so many of us -- Short Circuit 2. The mission is really short, but it’s worth for that sweet cameo and an achievement. There is graffiti of "hasta la victoria." For the uninitiated ones -- the “Secret Cow Level” is a reference to Diablo II. In T-Bone's second audio log in Bad Blood, he makes a reference to the "adult film" 2 Girls 1 Cup. That game is just as full of Ubisoft-related easter eggs as this one. At a newsstand in the northeastern part of, There is one during the first mission in the. This is a reference to ", In the Plane map, there is an ad for Miller's Rail. In the beginning of Watch Dogs 2 you can hear Sitara mentioning a “Secret Cow Level” over the radio. The guards with this description are usually distractible by playing a song on their phone. Assassin's Creed, Assassin's Creed 2, Far Cry 2, Far Cry 3, Splinter Cell: Double Agent, Prince of Persia Warrior Within, Just Dance,Rayman Raving Rabbids, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 can be found in the pawn shops. Not that they are ultra-modern, on the contrary, they resemble the Daleks from Dr. Who. It was a low budget horror flick that quickly gained the status of a cult classic among the fans of the genre. Going back to the “Haum Sweet Haum” mission. That’s how you know that this Jeep is actually the Jurassic Park easter egg. It’s now all over the internet, just like the developers predicted in the game. SPOILER WARNING! This could be referring to Aiden's hidden cameras in Nicole's house, or referring to Blume and ctOS. During the Side Operation titled “Shadows,” you’ll be looking into a confrontation between two gangs. Some civilians have Aiden's fox logo on their sweater. Watch Dogs Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Sergey has been a freelancer in the video games industry for more than five years, writing for various publications around the world. His favorite games are MtG, Dark Souls, Diablo, and Divinity: Original Sin. Sergey doesn't own consoles because a PC is all he needs. is just as full of Ubisoft-related easter eggs, Crown Tundra Footprints: How to Find Iron Will, Grasslands, & Cavern Pokemon, Crown Tundra Registeel, Regice, & Regirock: Legendary Clue 2 Guide, Star Wars Squadrons Mandalorian DLC Coming October 28, Ghostrunner Review: The World Bleeds Red and Neon, Genshin Impact: Posters and Billboards Locations, Ghost of Tsushima Gyozen's Lost Scrolls & Oni Treasure Guide, The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 4 Review — To The Glorious Future, Genshin Impact Guide: All Electro Cicin Mage Boss Locations. During one mission Marcus and Wrench (who are seriously BFF goals in Watch Dogs 2) start to get into one of their usual nerdy conversations. The second refers to a state of surveillance. What is your favorite Watch Dogs 2 easter egg? This is a line from the song Aaron burr, sir, that comes from the famous musical Hamilton . Actually, you could find the same easter egg in the first Watch Dogs, and it also was an arcade machine. This is probably one of the coolest easter eggs in Watch Dogs 2. They even go as far as to mention a comic that most fans probably never even read: Batman and Superman vs. Aliens and Predator. He is also reminded about the incident with the Assassin’s Creed: Unity leak. Apart from a huge poster of Assassin’s Creed hanging on the Ubisoft building in Watch Dogs 2, you can stumble upon a character at the Stanford University that works for Ubisoft. And, it is a possible hint on the upcoming sequel of this exclusive horror game that has been eventually ported to Xbox One and PS4. There are posters all around Chicago that say Cold Fear. It was an obvious choice for developers to include this reference in Watch Dogs 2, as they did the same with The Division. The mission brief reads as: “DedSec caught wind of a trailer being developed by Ubisoft SF. During the Main Operation “Cyberdriver” you have to steal a car that looks and performs a lot like KITT from the hit 1980’s series. It’s silly, but it’s also pretty horrifying when you get down to it. Marcus finds out about a new game coming up, so of course he just has to go get his hands on some inside information. Home » Features » All Watch Dogs 2 Easter Eggs Found so Far. Fortunately, the easter egg is there, but instead of the visual identity you should be looking for an audio -- just honk the horn and you will hear the dinosaur’s roar. A WWE Smack Down magazine can be found on magazine stands. Ded Sec is the hacker group in Watch_Dogs. If you haven’t seen the one you like the most, then share it in the comments below. The Operation in question is titled Ubistolen, and it tasks the player with heading to Ubisoft SF to snatch up a trailer. Pierce, whose last name is similar to the main character's, Aiden Pearce. Electronic signs found throughout the city can be hacked to display a random message, usually a meme or reference to popular culture. Watch Dogs 2, like most major releases, is full of pop culture references as well as nods to other video games. This quest requires you to help Aiden Pearce who arrives at San Francisco to deal with the members of Bratva. Also, the ticker in the bank features various companies from Watch Dogs. There’s a full trailer hidden in the mission, but nobody is sure if it’s for a real game or not. You’ll be doing a lot of hacking in this quest, so you will come across HAUM systems computers. This is most likely a reference to the phone a friend life line from Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Now, if you got to Oakland, you will be able to find a unique Jeep behind the Lakeside Park at the enclosed parking area. The protagonist of the first Watch Dogs returns in the sequel, but only in a small cameo that... ZombiU. You need to get inside and hack your way into the system. Assassin's Creed can be seen in Jackson Pearce's bedroom. It was cool to have this Easter egg add a dash of real life to the whole experience. This is most likely a reference to Consume, be silent, die. LAST CHANCE TO TURN BACK. The ringing sound effect is the same as Aiden's when he gets a call. The car Aiden gets after Act 2 Mission 16 "Role Model" has the license plate N3X U5, which translates to Nexus,[2] the original working title for Watch Dogs. You could also fight the Cow King as the boss of the “Secret Cow Level.” However, later on Blizzard changed the purpose of the location and it couldn’t be used for an easy grind anymore. Another side quest in Watch Dogs 2, titled “Infected Bytes,” requires you to track down phones that are infected with the Zombi2 virus. This is possibly a reference to Cold Fear, a 2005 video game published by Ubisoft. On the gate of T-Bone's junkyard a sign says "Make My Day." Copies of "In Powder and Crinoline" by Arthur Quiller-Couch can be found in the gun shop in the Loop and in the poker house in Parker Square. "W_D" is the abbreviation for Watch_Dogs. There is a text conversation in which one person starts the conversation saying “Qapla’.” This is a word from the Klingon language from Star Trek.

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