She's a normal person with normal emotions and she gets justifiably upset about her situation with Damon.Thomasin lowered her face to the apples again. resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. Given how cool Thomasin is – smart, fairly savvy, good mom, overall decent person – it makes sense that she gets a happy ending, right? Return of the Native essays are academic essays for citation. At any rate, Thomasin is probably the most balanced and well-rounded character in the book. Thomasin Yeobright . Thomasin is ostracized from the community and is subject to gossip and rumor. It only does harm" (85). By entering your email address you agree to receive emails from Shmoop and verify that you are over the age of 13. But she's nowhere near the disaster that, say, Eustacia is. Likewise, Clym is “of the future” – a man with intelligence and experiences beyond their perception. She convinces Charley, whom she knows is infatuated with her, to let her play his part of the Turkish knight. Below follows an extensive and academically popular character analysis of Clym Yeobright. The sixth stanza of Dyer’s poem exemplifies Clym Yeobright’s outlook: Clym's "quiet mind" and contentement with life is at odds with Eustacia's lust and willfulness. The Return of the Native is permeated by tragedy and loss. She pretty much just rolls with the punches and makes lemonade out of lemons, to use the cliché. © 2020 Shmoop University Inc | All Rights Reserved | Privacy | Legal. Compared to the other powerhouse women in the novel, Thomasin is a bit dull. But Thomasin makes the best of the situation by accepting it and using her practicality to get through difficult times. The Return of the Native – Clym Yeobright’s Mistake, Read the Study Guide for Return of the Native…, Hardy's Fatalistic View of Life As Shown Through The Return of the Native, Love and Modernity: Analysis of Relationships in The Return of the Native, The Unreliable World in The Return of the Native, View our essays for Return of the Native…, Read the E-Text for Return of the Native…, View Wikipedia Entries for Return of the Native…. ""Yes, you have. True, she's not super nice to Diggory and she makes a big mistake in marrying Damon. He cannot realize how fully he isolates himself, even from those he loves. ed. Not affiliated with Harvard College. His passenger is a young woman named Thomasin Yeobright, whom Venn is taking home. Clym is a “product” of the heath, and was undoubtedly admired and respected for his intellect and potential. She is flattered to hear the laborers discuss how she and Clym would be well suited. There is a significant difference. Ever the pragmatist, Thomasin probably never expected a fairy tale ending. The return of the native – Clym Yeobright - is the catalyst for the dramatic events which disrupt the natural order of the heath, and the lives of those who live upon it. "I am a practical woman now. She loves him because he does not belong. [...] I wish all good women were as good as I!" The chapter title comes from a poem by Sir Edward Dyer, which details the contentment of calm contemplation. No photos have been uploaded yet. Clym has rejected the the civilization and culture that Eustacia longs to know. Because of this self-absorption, Clym is no closer to the people of Egdon than he was to the people of Paris. Lean, Tracey. Late in the novel, after Wildeve's death, she is reunited with Diggory Venn and marries him. Cedars, S.R. Below follows an extensive and academically popular character analysis of Clym Yeobright. This irony is too difficult, however. He does not realize that Eustacia asks him to speak of Paris because she wants to go there. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy. Captain Vye is critical of Clym’s chosen diversion from family tradition, and of the effects of education: "Ah, there’s too much of that sending to school in these days! She mixes her flaws with a lot of good qualities and, like the book itself, she's an interesting blend of romance and realism. Thomasin Yeobright has appeared in the following books: The Return of the Native. Return of the Native e-text contains the full text of Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy. We especially see this in her relationship with Damon.

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