Susan Feb 12 2019 9:31 am I love this K drama <3. I watch the second, third, fourth, fifth episode but this drama never fail to disappoint me! But the fact that her imaginary 'filial son' community centre is a less than pleasant, and at times cruel place, is perhaps a reflection on how care homes are IRL. Dafuq did i watch? Not the old Lady zzzzzz! b Jun 20 2020 11:25 am So far this is the best drama in 2019 after sky castle. Witness this heartwarming drama with your own two eyes. . With it fresh in my thoughts, I didn't even catch that it was May 2019, not 2020. Cherry blossoms swaying in the wind. Big twist last two episodes ...didn't see it coming. Finally Nam Joo Hyuk oppa is Back ? Highly recommended ? It really was a tragic and beautiful show. the leads have amazing chemistry and every side character storyline is entertaining. Unlike with Dae-sang’s divorce papers, Jung-eun finds it easier to understand Hye-ja’s concern. ugh yes !! Before we can even process the fact that Hye-ja has Alzheimer’s and has been imagining everything all along, we’re dumped in the 1970s where the 25-year-old Hye-ja actually lived. :/, Jae Aug 04 2019 3:29 am Thank you for taking the time to put into words all the emotions this show let us experience. Some are so great I’ve rewatched them dozens of times, but never commented. Sia Mar 21 2019 9:40 am Make the brother the main storyline it so much better. He also seems successful in reality as he gifts Hye-ja a huge bouquet, each rose wrapped in a $50 bill. do yourself a favor and watch this. Worth to watch. I'm like a crazy persom watching this. good . { Their couple moments were so cute and well done, I thought there'd be cute hijicks when she turns into grandma but instead it gets real about dreams and poverty etc. This is what we call a beautiful show! i definitely would watch this again,, if only I hadn’t known the plot. Kira Mar 23 2019 3:24 am Her old self is also good. When he asks her the same question, her smile fades as she realizes that she doesn’t know how long she’s been there. We return to the 1970s, a year after Hye-ja’s hard-earned kiss. That night, Jung-eun lightly teases Dae-sang for finally looking at his mom with a bit of affection. so refresh and all actors is really good in acting. give it a chance and ride it through to the end. Which obviously wouldn’t. I hope Kim Hye Ja back to be young again and get her love with Lee Joon Ha. sidenote: joohyuk is so fking handsome n i cried so badly whenever he was sad..... Inmyheart, dr May 18 2019 10:40 pm I just can't understand where the taxi arc went.. Can't wait ep 11&12. When Hye-ja calls them out on it, the officer looms over her and threatens to ruin her son’s future if she keeps making a fuss. lrt Mar 18 2019 9:47 pm oh my god... ep 10 is SO DEEP. The utter gall of this writer to create and execute this work in such an unflinching, unapologetic way. An uncharacteristically girly Hyun-joo follows. It makes me feel the 'kilig' and frustration at the same time in the first few episodes. When Jung-eun offers to visit Hye-ja more often when he’s at work, he tells Jung-eun that she can stop helping out since his mother doesn’t even recognize her anymore. A story of sadness but full of beautiful & at times funny moments. this story addressed those moments realistically. I cried the entire episode. I hope in 2 last episode can see han ji min and nam joo hyuk because i need more their scene. the progression of the drama is slow too. I didn't watch the drama but am crying from reading the recaps alone. They say that life is nothing but a mere dream but I was still grateful for mine. If you want a lovely dovy romance Drama it is NOT the Right one for you. this drama really played with my heart.. like a rollercoster.. big applause to all the actors.. highly recommended.. one of the best kdrama i've ever watch.. Lucie Apr 28 2020 3:44 am He has worked hard to achieve his dream, but he now lives his life hopelessly. Tsabitha Feb 12 2019 8:11 am Yeong-soo: you don’t need that much time, y’know.) you will NOT regret it, ClamChowder Feb 28 2019 7:20 pm strangely enough, i cried so much during the sene where hye ja and joon ha are sitting in the van while a sad acoustic song played in the background. She's willing to help, to give her two hands to help without asking in return. Your email address will not be published. couldnt say more, you should watch it yourself and join me "the suffering of waiting next episode". I think it's original how the writer managed to tell HyeJa story from her nowadays point of view and viewers, despite hints, understand what that means exactly only in last episodes. Knowing well how to execute a suspense to the unsuspecting audiences. Kyoko D. Ackerman Feb 22 2019 8:43 am Makes you think hard...made me laugh and cry. Even if you’re struggling right now, everyone alive has the right to enjoy all this. Yeah, thank you, thank you yeah, everything great and small yeah, thank you, thank you for the light in your eyes. Sounds interesting! The real Hyun-joo and Sang-eun also live during this period as a no-nonsense helper at a family-owned Chinese restaurant and a romance-obsessed singer-in-training, respectively. 12. the other episodes (1-10) can totally be disregarded as watching them will lead you nowhere... this is the first time i commented on a drama because my time was wasted... the actors were great, but the story is boring and confusing! I can’t help but think of the exhausted imaginary Joon-ha’s outburst when Hye-ja kept questioning his life choices: “Look at my eyes. Amazing! xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page gosh, i almost forgot how much i loved this drama... thanks, @mary for the recaps! i've been on a kdrama funk for a while and couldnt find anything that kept my interest. This was a wonderful drama and I am sooo happy I watched it. One word for this drama. its so hilarious when the oldies doing rescue operation for Lee joon-ha and at the end is so unexpected. When I watched Hye-Ja's gotten older, I thought, the resolution of this drama must be Joon-Ha's gotten older too. It felt like I could really feel that he’s hurt, I could really feel his pain. TT), "How I wish I could turn back time." The most realistic drama i have ever soon . Joon-ha admits that he doesn’t know fatherhood because his father hated him from the moment he was born. all that light in your eyes the writer went downhill on the newer episodes. Superb all the way. It's this drama. Like life after all. Must watch❤, Whatda! version : 'v2.2' // use version 2.2 This marks a turning point in the story when the taciturn Dae-sang takes over as narrator for their family’s history as he cares for the increasingly helpless Hye-ja. Kim Hye Ja potrayed such a powerful acting at playing the 25-year-old woman that i literally forgot her real age due to her being darn cute. Hye-ja tried her best to be all of these things at once. Sharon Dec 06 2018 10:02 pm What happened to the carefree Hye-ja of the pelican-kissing and chuuukumi days? What a great drama! She decided to just live each day as they come, being nice to Jung-eun, showing concern for Dae-sang, taking care of her body, claiming her worth, making friends, and so on. This is why I skip dramas with fantasy element, their writers have a way of messing things up. not gonna lie were here for Jimin and joohyuck but nope dont have high hopes for that rip. It seems the writer lost focus and direction at one point. I still look up old clips of the show and laugh at them. About Hye Ja Halmeoni's character, she's so soft, warm and kind. To get a proposal, she needs her boyfriend to pay attention. a Mar 14 2019 6:51 am Then it started to get ridiculous and meaningless. Kdramafetish Mar 21 2019 12:59 pm it becomes shit in the progress. SPOILER ALERT! In the midst of preparing for the move, Dae-sang takes some time to visit Hye-ja. Best drama of 2019. Maybe it was intentional in order to mirror the confusion and betrayed feelings of the main character when reality hit.

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