The Equestria Girls spend their spring break on a yacht. EGSB.png, Rainbow's geode surging with light EGSB.png, Rainbow Dash springs into action EGSB.png, Rainbow Dash pushing the lifeboat EGSB.png, Twi, Sunset, and RD race across the sea EGSB.png, Twi, Sunset, and RD race back to the ship EGSB.png, RD, Twi, and Sunset flying onto the ship EGSB.png, RD, Twi, and Sunset back on the cruise EGSB.png, Mane Seven reunite on sinking ship EGSB.png, Twilight "going through it together" EGSB.png, Twilight "let's get everyone off this boat" EGSB.png, Twilight "like the superheroes we are!" Sunset and her friends turn to Princess Twilight Sparkle for help. The sand turns out to have been covering a portal to Equestria. EGSB.png, Rainbow's friends confused by her idea EGSB.png, Rainbow excitedly explains her idea EGSB.png, Rainbow gesturing 'no' with her arms EGSB.png, Rainbow annoyed by communication breakdown EGSB.png, Rainbow Dash repeats "rainbow lasers!" A teaser trailer for the special was shown at the 2018 My Little Pony San Diego Comic-Con panel. After a dark force conquers Canterlot, the Mane 6 embark on an unforgettable journey beyond Equestria where they meet new friends and exciting challenges on a quest to use the magic of friendship to save their homeland. EGSB.png, Rainbow Dash losing enthusiasm again EGSB.png, Rainbow Dash holding a flashlight EGSB.png, Rainbow looks for magic on her own EGSB.png, Rainbow looks over stern of the ship EGSB.png, Rainbow sulking with windswept hair EGSB.png, Rainbow listening to the thunder EGSB.png, Rainbow looks out into the ocean EGSB.png, Rainbow looking at Storm King's insignia EGSB.png, Rainbow Dash was right all along EGSB.png, Rainbow Dash thrilled to be right EGSB.png, Rainbow "you guys gotta see this!" We didn’t know spike was getting wings when we made the special. Inside, they meet with Princess Twilight Sparkle and Spike, and Princess Twilight quickly realizes from their atypical method of entering that they came through a portal other than the Crystal Mirror. The silhouetted figure is revealed to be Trixie, putting on a cruise magic show, much to Rainbow's disappointment. EGSB.png, Twilight "you thinking what I'm thinking?" The lido deck of the Luxe Deluxe cruise ship. Just below that it reads "Ticket Confirmation#:" followed by a 10-digit number. Realizing their friends are in terrible danger, Sunset, Twilight, and Rainbow Dash race to save them. But by the time she does so, the insignia in the water is gone, and Twilight theorizes it was little more than natural sea phenomena. EGSB.png, Twilight "the greatest magic of all" EGSB.png, Twilight sarcastic "Mother Nature" EGSB.png, Rainbow looks embarrassed at Twilight EGSB.png, Twilight "probably nothing more than" EGSB.png, Twilight "property of common algae" EGSB.png, Rainbow has no idea what Twilight said EGSB.png, Rainbow "let's get in lifeboats" EGSB.png, Rainbow Dash pointing out to sea EGSB.png, Rainbow "sail out and find the source!" EGSB.png, Rainbow incredulous of Twilight's claim EGSB.png, Rainbow "we're just ordinary girls" EGSB.png, Rainbow with a look of disbelief EGSB.png, Rainbow "keep telling yourself that!" There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. Three women vacation together at a popular travel destination for college co-eds on spring break. EGSB.png, Rainbow Dash "anyone could've said that" EGSB.png, Rainbow glaring annoyed at the parrot EGSB.png, Rainbow "gotta stop saying my name" EGSB.png, Rainbow looking remorseful at Twilight EGSB.png, Rainbow "I was a little annoyed at first" EGSB.png, Rainbow Dash admitting her fault EGSB.png, Rainbow "ruined everyone's spring break" EGSB.png, Rainbow "there's no magic out here!" The storm scenes had a pretty interesting effect, and it also did leave you at times with the worry of safety for the passengers of the boat.Most of the jokes and puns in this special were pretty humorous at times, and they never tended to give off a corny-styled joke or situation throughout the special. Pinkie Pie checks out the buffet and expresses interest in a special bundt cake dish, Fluttershy interacts with the petting zoo animals, and Applejack deals with a bad case of seasickness. The girls reunite and together rescue the people from the cruise, bringing them to the island. [2], Hadley also claims that The Shadowbolts were never intended to be in Spring Breakdown because the yacht trip in Dance Magic was just a device to give them motivation.[3]. Despite this, the others are still not so keen, annoyed at her for ruining their fun. Sunset, Twilight, and Rainbow Dash sneak through Ponyville, taking care not to draw attention or run into Rainbow's pony counterpart, until they finally reach the Castle of Friendship. My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Spring Breakdown, Rainbow runs up to Rainbooms' stage EGSB.png, Rainbow Dash climbs onto the stage EGSB.png, Rainbow Dash "an idea for our show" EGSB.png, Rainbow "unleash some awesomeness" EGSB.png, Rainbow Dash suggests "rainbow..." EGSB.png, Rainbow Dash suggests "...lasers!" When Trixie expresses displeasure at the elderly audience members showing off their own magic tricks after seeing her stage magic, Rainbow gets the idea of drawing out dark Equestrian magic by using her and her friends' own magic. Alone at the ship's stern, Rainbow Dash notices the storm starting to get worse, and she sees a strange insignia glowing in the water. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. MLP EG Spring Breakdown And Other Specials. The special ends as everyone from the cruise, now ponies, enter Princess Twilight's castle and ask for her help. Rainbow suggests taking a lifeboat out to where the glowing came from, but her friends refuse to acknowledge her obsession with being a superhero any longer, and she goes off on her own again. Were their reactions as hilarious as Twilight's was? The full details of the dragon wedding Spike attended, or just what exactly is a dragon wedding in general. Canterlot High and a rival school face off in a series of sporting events. The town and all it's residents are devoid of color. However, much to Sunset and Twilight's surprise, a large plant monster from Equestria appears over the quicksand and threatens to devour Rainbow. Get the freshest reviews, news, and more delivered right to your inbox! With the weather calm again, Rainbow apologizes for going off on her own and actively looking for trouble, but Twilight points out that if she had not done so, they would not have found what they needed to save their friends. Rainbow overloads the ship's power with her "rainbow lasers". While her friends are looking forward to a week of luxury, Rainbow Dash expects Equestrian magic to appear and turn the cruise ship into an exciting battle in which they save the day like they always do. EGSB.png, Twilight "learned a valuable lesson" EGSB.png, Rainbow Dash delivering her lesson EGSB.png, Rainbow "go looking for trouble" EGSB.png, Fireworks exploding behind Rainbow EGSB.png, Rainbow Dash "be there for each other" EGSB.png, Twilight "I guess if you hadn't run off" EGSB.png, Twilight "wouldn't have what we need" EGSB.png, Rainbow Dash "all part of the plan" EGSB.png, Sunset, RD, and Twi look at the parrot EGSB.png, Rainbow and Twilight look at Sunset EGSB.png, Sunset Shimmer points at the ship EGSB.png, RD, Twi, Sunset worried about the ship EGSB.png, Sunset Shimmer springs into action EGSB.png, Twilight Sparkle springs into action EGSB.png, Rainbow looks at her glowing geode EGSB.png, Rainbow repeats "it's hero time!"

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