google_ad_width = 336; By browsing this website you agree for us to use cookies to analyse how our site is used and make your online experience more efficient and … Eutelsat 8 West B Back to the list Satellite Name: Eutelsat 8 West B Status: active Position: 8° W (8° W) NORAD: 40875 Cospar number: 2015-039B Operator: Eutelsat Communications S.A. A+. //-->, . This satellite offers pan-Africa coverage, with excellent middle eastern access, featuring a high-power C-Band and Ku-Band beams. Username Become an Editor for Eutelsat 8 West B And Make Money. If you are interested in sample listings data files for a selection of TV channels, please contact us at Americas Services. 11.0W> 7.0W. google_ad_slot = "3826779708"; 4153 - L - 60000 - 3/4. | Register. TV channels • 9th October 2019 Eutelsat 5 West B … HOT BIRD 13B: 2001-011A 13°E: Europe, North Africa, Middle East 2006-08-05 Formerly named Hot Bird 8 until March 2012 HOT BIRD 13C: 2008-065D 13°E If you would like to have more technical information about TV and radio channels available on Eutelsat 8 West B, please click here. The satellite was built by Thales Alenia Space as prime contractor on behalf of Eutelsat Communications. Eutelsat A leading global satellite operator providing a broad range of communications services Airbus Defence and Space Communications payload of 35 active Ku-band channels.