Eugene looks up at the sky. The writer can't relocate all the characters there, it makes no sense considering who they are and what they do. He says that he is proud of Jun Yeong and says that he missed him. Dong mae says that they are a day late and he has been waiting for 10 days. One of the men looks at this. He says its a hit list if it is in the hands of the Japanese but in Hui Seung’s hands, it will be recorded in history. The meaning of his name (“the plum blossoms that bloom in winter”) may explain why plum blossoms are painted on the scabbards of his swords, as actor Yoo Yeon Seok explained in an interview. Mr. Sunshine (Episode 23 & 24) On-Air: tvN. The Japanese soldiers are checking all the passengers before allowing them to board the train. He is about to walk towards the door when Jung comes in and orders his arrest. Terius Behind Me/ My Secret Terius Recap Index, Aside of the fact that Ae-Shin comes from a long line of Patriots who gave their life for Joseon, I think Eugene also contributed unwittingly to Ae-Shin’s resolve when she found out about him being a slave. It was refreshing to see a deep relationship with almost no physical intimacy between the lead pair, which is rare. Sunshine,” the 2016 blockbuster. Sigh. The officer takes the log again and strikes it over Hui Seung’s head. Eugene says he has seen a man do it (Ae-shin). He says he wants to send women, children, youngsters and Ae-shin. Eugene says he can’t because he saw it. He tells them to make sure to get their comrades on the train. As Ae-shin approaches them, Jun-Yeong says that they will leave at noon. He wakes up in his house and sees Eugene. Eugene asks Hui Seung to take out his wallet, as he always gets drunk first and leaves. She asks him to close the door behind her as the train starts. Hui Seung doesn’t even respond to Eugene and continues to ask Dong mae to rest. He asks them to raise their glasses ones again and Eugene laughs as they raise their glasses again. She smiles and walks away. Sunshine” is a 2018 South Korean television series written by Kim Eun-sook and directed by Lee Eung-bok, starring Lee Byung-hun, Kim Tae-ri, Yoo Yeon-seok, Kim Min-jung, and Byun Yo-han. All you did was hold my hand!” Another moment of sweetness in the midst of everything including mourning. The baker says that it is too much and Dong mae says that he is throwing away the rest of his money. Mr Sunshine did that by delivering this piece of work in the form of a tragedy. Conveying a message to be sent for emergency? Eugene comes over and puts his hand near hers. They come in time to see Ae-shin crying holding Haman. He will be remembered as a foreigner who helped Joseon putting his life on the line to keep his lady love safe. Like a storm!”. Dong mae asks if he really is paying. Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae-ri better get awards for giving us all the feels! The cinematography is mindblowing  as it displays all the four seasons and the sets are picturesque. He says, “My life was meaningless before I met you all. First of all, I deeply regret to inform you of Eugene Choi’s death. Ae-shin’s hand clutches the train’s railing and Eugene’s hand lays on the train track. Sunshine.” jarnumber said:1. Ae-shin stands near the flag that is full of bullet holes (from Eun san’s encounter with the Japanese soldiers) but still flies high. Eugene says that Dong mae threw up a lot of blood. I wish for your victory.”. He says that she didn’t catch any fish and all that she did today was hold his hand. With respect to history and the timeline in which the series has been set, a sad ending was expected; but the finale did not leave a lasting impression as compared to its previous episodes. Especially for a guy like me. The scene where his apparition looks at his dead form and then disappears was well made. Mr Sunshine Episode 24 Recap (Series Finale). The soldier goes away eyeing her suspiciously. Throwing in a Dutch angle arbitrarily just won’t cut it; it must be motivated.”, coin flip scene in the multi-awarded, 2007 international hit movie “No Country for Old Men.”, “Should You Use Dutch Angles in Your Films? The last scene also emphasises that he was only a helper and never considered himself a patriot. They all start running. She finds a framed photo of Ae-shin and Eugene in the bag too and she starts to cry. As Eugene walks out of Hwawollu, someone calls his name. 100 for those who arrest them. silhouette. He says that in case the shooter dies, the survivor has to pick up the rifle and fight. The people are scared but they still hold their ground. As he walks in, a rider on horseback informs the Japanese soldiers that the mobs are in the train.

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