RIGHTS OF INDIGENOUS PEOPLES - UNITED NATIONS: GENERAL ASSEMBLY - Part 1, Article 4, Article 5. The City State is founded on sterling character, trust and immutable principles based upon sacred sentiment and cemented by noble purposes. Those who fail to recognize the free national name of their constitutional government are classed as, , and are subject to all inferior names and abuses and mis-treatments that the citizens care to bestow upon them. The members of this body politic must bear in mind that they are under the highest moral and just law of this land; The Great Seal, and therefore must uphold its great moral, human and just principles in all their dealings. UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS - UNITED NATIONS - HUMAN RIGHTS [Article Fifteen (15)]. The man and woman can be heard repeatedly saying they were Moorish nationalists who had a sovereign right to the home. Ali put together elements of major traditions to develop a message of personal transformation through historical education, racial pride and spiritual uplift. moorish american rights. MOORISH AMERICAN! TITLED, "MOORISH-AMERICAN SOCIETY OF PHILADELPHIA AND THE USE OF THEIR 'NAMES.". “We sent you a letter, reversal of estate, to your office,” the woman said. “This is our ancestral estate,” the man can be heard saying in security video. This Society of indigenous Americans of Moorish descent inhabiting the several states of the American Republic are dedicated to the sublime duty of uplifting fallen humanity amid fortune and misfortune in the effulgent light of life and amid the transitioning shadows of death; and to the exalted privilege of demonstrating the practical utility of the great doctrine of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of man as a vital force in the lives and affairs of men. Moorish Nationals & Citizens. To strengthen the society's economic mobility by building on the illustrious heritage and noble customs of the Moors dating back since time immemorial. To teach our people how to become better American citizens and to create charity, industry, commerce, education, technology, finance and professional investment management; a vision shared by our society, people and institutions. so-called "Black" people. With currently, 35 Moorish American National sovereigns within the Ammuurian Tribe, we strive to have a diplomatic formal relationship with the UNITED STATES SERVICE CORPORATION (U.S.A) and all other forms of governments throughout the Dominion Empire . He based it on the premise that African Americans are descendants of the Moabites and thus are "Moorish" (sometimes also spelled "Muurish" by adherents) by nationality, and Islamicby faith. Amexemnu City State is incorporated into this said government under Hurd's revised Statute Chapter 32 - 36 Cook County Recorder of Deeds. “Your straw-man is a non-living, non-breathing fictitious corporate Entity that has the same name as you except in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. Once police arrived, the couple continued insisting the land was theirs. UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION: Article III (3), Section two (2), Amendment V (5) (Liberty Clause) and Amendment IX (9) (Reservation of the Rights of the People). Finally, the man appeared to try to push past police, who then arrested the couple. vs. UNITED STATES REPUBLIC: DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE: Moorish American Credentials: Copyright AA 222141-, UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT: SUPREME LAW - Acts of State. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES: RESOLUTION NUMBER SEVENTY-FIVE (75): Dated April 17, 1933 A.D. Instead, she found a man and woman who claimed they owned the land because their ancestors were the original inhabitants. Moorish American Declaration and Proclamation for Self Governance International Law. They remained defiant as they were escorted out by police. This site is to help transform you into a True Moorish National Citizen--part of a Free National Government under the protection of a State! "The citizens of all free national governments according to their national constitution are all of one family bearing one free national name. Join us in our noble work of extending its boundaries, and in disseminating the gospel of “I.S.L.A.M.”; being "I.Self.Law.Am.Master", the omnipotence of Man, rather than idol worship and dogma; thereby encouraging, conserving, protecting and making vital the Divine relationship in the practice of an honorable Jural Society; to share with us the glory of performing the sacred duty of protecting Womanhood; to maintain forever the Moorish Legacy and Moslem creed; to commemorate the Holy and illustrious achievements of Noble Drew Ali and all other Divine Prophets alike; to safeguard the sacred rights, privileges and institutions of our Civil Government; to bless mankind and to keep eternally ablaze the sacred fire of a fervent devotion to a pure Constitutional Republic. The man and woman can be heard repeatedly saying they were Moorish nationalists who had a sovereign right to the home. for the Moorish American People who wish to have their political rights and freedom! Disclaimer: Whereas, Amexemnu City State shall attest to this truth that all its officials and members who find themself outside the Holy and Divine Laws of the City State will in no way find shelter from dishonorable activities or be immune from justice. Lawfully you are the executor, beneficiary, administrator and a stock holder of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION.” –Moorish American Resource School “Political thieves (usually descendants of European Colonist… Our tribal members are located throughout the North, Central, and South American territories. The homeowner tried to keep her distance as she called police, but she grew increasingly concerned for her safety. RIGHTS OF INDIGENOUS PEOPLES - UNITED NATIONS: GENERAL ASSEMBLY - Part 1, Article 4, Article 5. Constitution for the United States of America. President Woodrow Wilson officially recognized the Moorish Science Temple of America (MSTA) as a legal incorporated entity and accepted the Moorish Americans as a legitimate nationality bound by the rights and privileges bestowed to other independent people of the earth. Amexemnu City State is incorporated into this said government under Hurd's revised Statute Chapter 32 - 36 Cook County Recorder of Deeds. ", This site is to help transform you into a True, This site will remove any "gray areas" that you may have had about being. A man and a woman who said they were Moorish nationalists claimed sovereign rights to a multimillion-dollar mansion up for sale near Washington, D.C.'s Rock Creek Park Wednesday. Most members are law-abiding citizens, but a splinter group believes their ancestors were here before the U.S. government so many federal and local laws don’t apply to them. It is promoted by a sincere, unselfish devotion of the souls in men, and is governed by their consecrated intelligence. “It’s not your property,” the woman said. They were ordered to stay away from the home. We invite all men and women who can qualify to become citizens/members of Amexemnu City State to become part of the uniting of Asia. Recognizing our relation to the government of the United States of America, the supremacy of its Constitution, the Union of States thereunder, and the Constitutional Laws thereof, We shall ever be devoted to the sublime principles of a pure Constitutional Republic, and valiant in the defense of its ideals and institutions. And it is a sin for any group of people to violate the national constitutional laws of a free national government and cling to the names and the principles that delude to slavery. This site will remove any "gray areas" that you may have had about being Moorish American! of your own Right, of full age and capacity, bearing all Inalienable and Civil Rights! It’s ultimately a trust that is brought into existence with your signature. This site is for those Moorish Americans who are active and not passive; for those Moors who wish to have true freedom and equality and the right to self-determination!. Humane Society Saves Puppy From Euthanasia After Accident, Union Urges Fairfax County Teachers to Take ‘Mental Health Day' Wednesday, Copyright © 2020 NBCUniversal Media, LLC. “I’m sure they were expecting someone to come, and they waited around to confront me.”.

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