If you take an antibiotic, L. plantarum is not wiped out by most antibiotics on the market, and it’s the first bacteria that you can put in your gut right after you’ve done a detox treatment.”. Here is the ingredient label of the supplement , for your reference: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1569/1827/files/Probiotixx_-label-back.png?99108. Experts agree that if you need to take antibiotics, an adequate amount of L. plantarum in your intestines will help ensure that opportunistic bacteria such as Candida albicans will not proliferate afterward [6]. Our new and improved ProBiotixx+ formula contains a single, super-strain of Lactobacillus Plantarum, designed to help alleviate constipation, eliminate gas & belly bloat, support your entire immune system, and give you total digestive protection. can be a powerful aide for individuals with specific digestive conditions. Lactobacillus Plantarum & Digestive Disorders. While L. plantarum does a lot of good for the body, researchers in Brazil found in 2014 that it does not like to hang around in the digestive tract. Wishing you the best in your wellness journey! †Note that these figures may vary slightly from batch to batch. So if you’re traveling, you can still take it with you. In a February 2019 report published in the journal Microbial Pathogenesis [15], researchers found that anti-microbial properties in both L. plantarum and P. acidilactici were able to inhibit adhesion and growth of the Staphylococcus aureus (aka golden staph) bacteria. probiotics are also essential for: Remember that your digestive system is home to up to 80% of all your immune cells. Email: hello@billioncheers.com. Is it ok to take if you have SIBO? Morris, M. S., Jacques, P. F., Rosenberg, I. H., & Selhub, J. Proven to be one of the most protective probiotic strains out there, L. plantarum is the one you want in your gut. Knowledge is power. Several types of hormonal dysfunctions is raising a question in our age-old food habits, thus, people are becoming more health-conscious nowadays. The best way to treat the symptoms of the disease is by administering probiotics through diet, Natural gut flora is restored and the symptoms get minimized. Jonathan Breton, Naouel Tennoune, Nicolas Lucas, Marie Francois, Romain Legrand, Justine Jacquemot, Alexis Goichon, Charlène Guérin, Johann Peltier, Martine Pestel-Caron, Philippe Chan, David Vaudry, Jean-Claude do Rego, Fabienne Liénard, Luc Pénicaud, Xavier Fioramonti, Ivor S. Ebenezer, Tomas Hökfelt, Pierre Déchelotte, Sergueï O. Fetissov. The researchers also found that the L. plantarum probiotic regime had other positive side effects for the newborns. Hi Jason, thank you for your question and interest.

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