View abstract. Clin Infect Dis 1996;22:564-6. In a clinical study published in the Journal of Dairy Science in 2010 showed when Lactobacillus gasseri strain CHO-220 was combined with inulin (a prebiotic fiber) it greatly improved total and LDL (Low-density lipoprotein), bad cholesterol levels when compared to the placebo group. Inflammation of an artificial rectum surgically created in people with inflammatory bowel disease (pouchitis): A combination probiotic containing, Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, and Streptococcus species (VSL#3), has been taken twice daily for up to one year. Pedone CA, Bernabeu AO, Postaire ER, et al. Lactobacillus is taken by mouth for skin disorders such as fever blisters, canker sores, and acne. This infection is mainly passed on by infected food workers through hand prepared foods. It is also being tested to prevent serious infections in people on ventilators. View abstract. By out-competing these bacteria for nutrients and for space on the intestinal walls, it may prevent disease-causing bacteria from being able to colonize and growth. Friend BA, Shahani KM. Stop taking probiotics before a digestive surgery or colonoscopy. View abstract. In May 2013, the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology published a report of a rare case of bacteremia in a 17-year-old male due to taking lactobacillus GG for ulcerative colitis. View abstract. Bacterial interference for prevention of urinary tract infection: an overview. BMC Gastroenterol. Cholesterol-lowering efficacy of Lactobacillus plantarum CECT 7527, 7528 and 7529 in hypercholesterolaemic adults Br J Nutr 2013;109(10):1866-72. Lancet 2003;361:1869-71. 2012;35(12):1355-69. Romano C, Ferrau' V, Cavataio F, et al. This pathogen is found in meats and is particularly dangerous because it is heat resistant and is not destroyed by cooking. View abstract. A double blind, placebo-controlled, randomized clinical trial that breast milk derived-Lactobacillus gasseri BNR17 mitigated diarrhea-dominant irritable bowel syndrome. What other medicines does Lactobacillus Gasseri interact with? Effect of Lactobacillus strains (L. casei and L. Acidophillus Strains cerela) on bacterial overgrowth-related chronic diarrhea. Experimental and clinical study on the hypolipidemic and antisclerotic effect of Lactobacillus bulgaricus strain GB N 1 (48). A controlled, double-blind, randomized study on the efficacy of Lactobacillus plantarum 299V in patients with irritable bowel syndrome. Chatterjee S, Kar P, Das T, Ray S, Gangulyt S, Rajendiran C, Mitra M. Randomised placebo-controlled double blind multicentric trial on efficacy and safety of Lactobacillus acidophilus LA-5 and Bifidobacterium BB-12 for prevention of antibiotic-associated diarrhoea. Mustapha A, Jiang T, Savaiano DA. View abstract. There is a rare case report of sepsis linked to lactobacillus probiotic therapy. Effect of the oral administration of Lactobacillus brevis subsp. Reduce your dose briefly if symptoms become too uncomfortable. Gaon D, Garmendia C, Murrielo NO, et al. Research shows that individuals who are overweight have different bacterial compositions in their gut compared to individuals who are at a healthy weight. Depending on your diet, you can get serious abdominal pain due to the gas pressure. Begtrup LM, de Muckadell OB, Kjeldsen J, Christensen RD, Jarbøl DE. All information on this site is for informational purposes only - consult a doctor before taking any supplement. J Urol 1987;138:330-5. View abstract. A clinical study in Archives of Microbiology in June 2015 showed Lactobacillus gasseri CMUL57 can inhibit Herpes Simplex Type 2. Speak to your doctor to determine whether a Lactobacillus gasseri supplement is appropriate for you and your health goals. This material is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Probiotics inhibit enteropathogenic E. coli adherence in vitro by inducing intestinal mucin gene expression. People with impaired immune systems such as those with replacement organs or those on immune suppressive medication should not take probiotics. We found 7 good research studies about Lactobacillus gasseri BNR17. View abstract. Acta Paediatr 2010;99:1135-8. Also, there are 6 other strains that have higher CFU than L gasseri L22G…so L gasseri isn’t a priority of 1MD’s complete probiotic platinum. Food Chem Toxicol 1998;36:321-6.

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