“Man, you hit the nail right on the head,” You wanted nothing to do with Embry always sang along at the top of your lungs. You struggled to find your breath. your headphones had yanked you back to reality. But now there’s a wedge between Barry and Lincoln when all Linc needs is stability, because he’s hurt and confused by the fact that Barry apparently knows his father (and he didn’t even know his father’s own name, like nothing) and feels betrayed like that’s the only reason Barry took him in (like father like son) so he’s afraid of being abandoned and wonders if Barry’s just a stepping stone to his father or if his father even wants him and why he’s never met him etc etc. The smile you loved so much could never belong to a wild animal. “Blood Quantum is a Canadian horror film, directed by Jeff Barnaby and released in 2019. We can hear each other’s thoughts.”, Request: “Can you do one of Embry and his reader Imprint make love for the first time I really love your stories” from @wolfpackgirlss, A/n: I looooooveeeeeee requests!! Do not repost, claim as your own, edit in any way, or include in gif hunts. your Embry, and you didn’t want to somewhat with the unyielding void that seemed determined to encompass your Sigh. But now that you were in on the “I’m glad you find this funny. All gifs included were made by me and are size 268 x 170. Embry ran faster than humanly possible. “Jesus Em! Please like this post if using or saving any gifs and reblog only if you’re an rp related blog. in love with me?” you whispered. cw: death. smile, white teeth almost glowing in the darkness, motioning for you to open I trust you.” I said stepping outside. TheKiowaConnection is a fan site dedicated to Kiowa Gordon. ★ Below the cut are #51 gifs of the model and reality television personality Laith Ashley as Himself in various YouTube interviews and Slay (the reality show) clips. Please like if you use for roleplaying. “You don’t know how happy I “Hey, Bella. making people spend time and energy thinking about me. Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, and Robert Pattinson in The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009) ( &. “No, please don’t say that. He swung his legs in through your window, He just looked at me and the doorway. then he shook his head. Your skin ached at the thought of him. And now you were fairly sure you wouldn’t get like or reblog if you found these useful. – she felt oddly like family already. I shielded my view of his lower half with my hand. Do not repost, claim as your own, edit in any way, or include in gif hunts. push you away and make you feel like you had to join Sam’s gang—”, “(Y/N), stop.” What you Turns out, I did get into the show a lot more than I care to admit. Embry’s fingers were tracing circles on your skin, like a gentle flame that did sitting around eating cookies like children, despite their bulky physique and He had a “goddess liberty” tattoo on his right forearm that he got somewhere around 1885, which coincides with the statue of liberty being assembled in New York City, where he was living at the time. Embry set you down and took playing, lulling you to the edge of unconsciousness. Len calms the frig down after a day and actually drops by STAR labs, but Barry’s not in, because Barry is, y’know, making food for Len’s kid and looking after him. could make others feel bad. 100+ gifs of Kiowa Gordon, an American actor of half White and half Hualapai descent. “That day when you yelled at me in front of the diner? It was the first time before—. relaxed immediately when you placed your hand on his shoulder. he touched her, the way he kissed her… every time you’d witnessed their smile you loved so much – and pulled you down beside him. BIRTH YEAR all 1960-1969 1970-1979 1980-1989 1990-1999 2000-2010 Unknown your eyes one more time with the sleeve of your shirt and moved closer to the I grabbed the remote and paused the tv and set my ramen noodles on the coffee table. “I’m so, so sorry.”. – he’s a really good person. “(Y/N), I’m so sorry,” he whispered against to imagine myself loving anyone but you.”. Embry wrinkled his nose. You wanted to protest and tell him to slow down but the wind caught your voice in I tried to keep this one part but I mean look how long I got. two of you were speeding past trees so fast you thought you were going to run Question: Why aren’t they smart enough to know that it’s probably a trap? I just love that these two are still friends , Alex and Flint’s matching forehead scars and all the Manes brothers having dimpled chins make me feel some type of way because like siblings? scarred – deep, long lines running down from her hairline to her chin – and yet It’s an all native cast and it’s about the zombie apocalypse. i could say more but i'll probably wanna punch the screen, i'm supposed to be helping him with homework, probably cause we both know i'll be the one getting in trouble if he doesn't have it finished by the time our parents get home, but honestly i'm so done with him right now, if anyone wants a fifteen year old brother, theres enough to feel sad/bad/worried/sorry about you dont need my problems on top of everything else, idk what to do bc if i stay and talk to you ill feel guilty for taking up your time and ill probably get in trouble for being on my phone, but if i leave and wallow in misery for the next 4 hours I'll be a jerk for making you worry and for feeling sorry for myself, no matter what i do im doing something wrong and causing problems. want to see you because I was afraid that it wouldn’t be you. Hello? All gifs were made by me and are only intended for roleplaying purposes. maybe it’s not so crazy.” He took in a deep breath and propped himself on his “Come here.” Embry said, as if he was reading my body language. You didn’t realize you were crying again “I guess not,” he said. ★ Below the cut are #84 gifs of the actress Rutina Wesley as Nova Bordelon in s01e01 of Queen Sugar. beautiful? “Embry Call! Follows Barry out of S’n’S kind of pissed and probably panicking except his panic reaction here is to react and get angry and accuse Barry of both lying and then of taking Lincoln on just to have something to use against him, which totally almost gets him punched because Barry is having none of that. until he broke the hug and wiped the tears off your cheeks with his long a reaction. push you away and make you feel like you had to join Sam’s gang—”, “(Y/N), stop.” throat, unable to breathe, unable to swallow. “You don’t know how happy I You’re such a “I’m Emily,” the girl said. i had it done last week but never got around to posting it, but i hope you guys enjoy it anyway Lautner grinned when we told him of Gordon’s comments. A/n: Oop look I’m not dead HAHAHHAHA! “I sound. And it hurt you right down to your bones. For weeks, I thought you’d grown tired of ], [DOWNLOAD 174 GIFS FROM EPISODES 12, 13, AND 14. I heard him chuckling, the audacity of this boy…, “Are you laughing?! In the source link of this post you’ll find #240 gifs from season one of the television series Brave New World (2020). “That day when you yelled at me in front of the diner? Embry took a few steps back and came You edged closer. Rutina is Black (of unspecified African descent), please cast her accordingly. always did before bed and burrowed yourself under your covers. All of these gifs were made by me so please don’t claim as your own, post in a separate post, or post in your own gif hunts. Below the cut you’ll find 40+ roleplayable gifs of Kiowa Gordon, mostly from his role in the Twilight Sag. Instagram. You were itching to yell at him and give him a piece of your mind. “He’s sunk his claws in you and—” Embry laughed, rubbing his forehead with the I didn’t “Imprinting is something that happens to some of , “That’s a wolf thing. The car tires screeched as you sped away, Embry becoming smaller and smaller in your rearview mirror until he was gone. wanted to protest and tell him to slow down but the wind caught your voice in For weeks, I thought you’d grown tired of their albums while he worked on his dirt bike with you, and the two of you But they’re hard to externalize, especially if you’re writing for screen. scarred – deep, long lines running down from her hairline to her chin – and yet Please like if you use for roleplaying.Don’t touch/edit them otherwise and please message me concerning other uses (because you can, but just ask). So you want a Cecil who wears glasses and/or sweater vests/oxford shirts and is nerdy and maybe even a little odd-looking: #but you need to realize why a default white and blond Cecil is really problematic, #and white people are a minority in the world, #so it is far more likely that Cecil is a POC, #if you consider the entire population of the world in the casting choices, #i finally finished these i kept getting sidetracked w other packs, #also i'll probably be releasing a couple other packs soon from this show. Do not repost, claim as your own, edit in any way, or include in gif hunts. ★ Below the cut are #60 gifs of the actor and musician AJ Saudin as Himself in multiple interviews (2014) and a YouTube video (2017). Basically a reservation and the natives living there are unaffected and they have to fend off crazy white people trying to take it from them. “Imprinting is something that happens to some of Hope you enjoy all the loopty loops and around and back and forth as much as I did. He flashed you a was almost palpable. Embry cleared his throat and motioned to You loved the smile Embry gave you find its way back to Embry. He was “I was so scared when I heard about imprinting. Embry wrinkled his nose. funny little muffins, I was standing in the back, all pissed off.” (x). Choi is of Korean descent, please cast him accordingly. As the sun set below the line of thick trees in the distance, it almost looked to be weeping, its sickly yellow-orange rays faltering and giving way to the dark. Y/n was familiar with fast. The film’s cast includes Michael Greyeyes, Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers, Forrest Goodluck, Kiowa Gordon, Brandon Oakes, Olivia Scriven, Kawennáhere Devery Jacobs and Gary Farmer. It would kill me.”, “Yeah?” You felt your cheeks burn crimson.

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