The hilt was recovered by a descendant of Revan, the Jedi Knight Ren Silber, who went on to unlock Revan's cenotaph to recover and heal the crystal within, replacing it within the hilt of Revan's lightsaber, whereupon the blade appeared a bright white color. Jedi lightsaber[1] 3956 BBY[1] Culture The Kyber Crystal held within Revan's lightsaber was a unique and powerful crystal named Revan's Legacy. Though Revan was eventually freed, the experience of being imprisoned for centuries took a huge toll on his mind (small wonder! One of the more complicated examples of this phenomenon is Revan, the Jedi who turned to the Dark Side and then turned away from it. Revan eventually defeated Malak in a lightsaber duel. Get registered and meet thousands of other Ultrasabers fanatics. Over the course of his tumultuous life, Revan wielded a variety of sabers at one time or another in accordance with his shifting allegiances and personal development. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [Source]. Production information Revan, along with Malak, fell under the influence of Sith Emperor Vitiate, who planned to use the mind-controlled duo for his own devious purposes. Revan's lightsaber Post author By admin; Post date December 15, 2019; General Information Usual team : JKR, GMY, Jolee Bindo, General Kenobi, Bastila Shan. Now completely unaware of his recent flirtation with the dark side, Revan created a new lightsaber, with a blue blade as favored by the Jedi. After returning to lead the Order of Revan which bore his name, the blade remained with the Dark Side fuelled warrior until he fell for the last time to the Yavin IV strike time led by Republic and Imperial forces. There are certainly a lot of lightsabers in the Star Wars universe, and that’s why we at Ultrasabers are constantly expanding our already large selection of blades, hilts, and accessories. Description : Durable team with cleanses, revives, h+p regeneration. As a Sith Lord Revan wields the familiar red-bladed lightsaber, but as a redeemed Jedi Knight he brandishes a lightsaber with a purple blade! Wookieepedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. All Rights Reserved. Type Revan as a Jedi (Part II) The Jedi Council used a memory wipe on Revan to remove his recollections of his Sith past and create a new identity for him as a loyal Republic solider. There, his lightsaber was taken away and was held as a prize while its owner was tortured for many months as the captors tried to gain information from him. Revan and Malak managed to free themselves from Vitiate’s influence—but not from the influence of the Dark Side. Affiliation Click for Details! Crystal Owners They succeeded in freeing Revan. Revan is a fictional character in the BioWare video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, in which they are the playable protagonist. Revan’s dark memories of his Sith past began to resurface, little by little. Star Wars: The Old Republic: Shadow of Revan–class. Blue[2]Green[3]Violet[4] Date created The afterimage could also still deflect blaster bolts and even lightsaber strikes. This lightsaber would see action in the battle against Darth Malgus’ Imperial forces. Hilt material The lightsaber was used only once by Ren in combat, during his duel with Darth Vader in the midst of the Battle of Corsis, after all of his other lightsabers were destroyed by the dark lord. Once there she and several Jedi constructed a cenotaph with an elaborate lock in accordance to Revan's instructions, with the hilt of his lightsaber acting as one of the keys. In a fierce fight, Revan appeared to have lost, but he disappeared in a flash of light before the death blow could be struck. A Republic strike team was sent to Taral V in order to gain access a Gree computer in order to navigate a route through the Maelstrom. Jedi lightsaber[1] Three years later, Jedi Knight Meetra Surik came to save him with the help of Scourge. The crystal would later be made whole again by Revan's descendant, Ren Silber, and the crystal then gained a unique set of properties, allowing it to channel both the Light and Dark Sides of the Force equally. During this time, Revan wielded a single-bladed blue lightsaber with an alloy metal hilt as his primary saber. Substitutes : Hermit Yoda, Juhani, Plo Koon, Jedi Knight Anakin. Another aspect of his past to resurface was Sith Emperor Vitiate. Content approaching. With other individuals, this turns into a multiple-choice exercise due to the different sabers they wielded at different times. Afterward, Revan made another lightsaber alteration, this time opting for a green blade. After the defeat of Darth Malak, Revan changed his blade's color to green, using this until his capture by the Sith Emperor. Usage and history ), and in recognition of his trials, his lightsaber underwent its final alteration, changing to a violet blade.

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