They repurchased the surplus from the army and went on to forge a new direction for the invention they introduced. 1914 : palmes modernes, Louis de Corlieu; 1915 : sonar, Paul Langevin; 1915 : tulle gras, type de pansement, Auguste Lumière; 1915 : tube de rouge à lèvres coulissant, Maurice Levy [31] 1916 : fusées Le Prieur, roquettes incendiaires pour avion, Yves Le Prieur; 1917 : char de combat à tourelle pivotante, Renault FT, Renault The story behind the invention is this: the British military, in its quest to find a better metal for guns, asked Brearley, a metallurgist at a company in Sheffield, to find harder alloys. This attached to the front barrel of a pistol and allowed firearm to be fired without a loud bang. Mappin and Webb were said to come up with a watch fitted with hole and handles for strapping during the Boer War and bragged about how it was so useful during the Battle of Omdurman. That was when he knew he had uncovered something significant – steel that did not rust. They brought the said material to America and trademarked it. Lancelot made several approaches to the British authorities. At first, he made bread using a mixture of rice-flour, Romanian corn-flour and barley instead of wheat which was on shortage. In spite of these early developments, it was in the WWI that the the use of the wristwatch invention legitimized all thanks to war’s vital need for time synchronization. It was made of alkali, natural oils, and fragrances. Air conditioning remained the preserve of the wealthy for decades, despite the invention in 1931 of the conventional window ledge unit that we still see today. Inventions During the Industrial Revolutions 1750-1914 Timeline created by RebeccaT. Clearly, something had to be done to remedy the problem and the solution pinpointed was going wireless. 1914 was a year of continual innovation in technology. Wristwatches were not a Great War invention. So, he decided to experiment on four of his patients. World War I saw the mechanisation of warfare in many different areas, including the tractors which replaced horses in dragging supplies through muddy terrain. When it opened on 15 August 1914, the canal was the largest American engineering project ever undertaken. Read more on the NASA website. By any means the bags was dropped into water and viola! Practicing Daylight Saving Time was discarded at the end of the Great War but the invention had already rooted that its practice was eventually revived. Get our new articles in your inbox with our occasional email newsletter. Sinope is thought to be red in colour and to measure just 38 km in diameter. Here we present some of 1914’s most interesting scientific and technological advances, as we look forward to the New Year almost a hundred years later on. Page consacrée à Claude Boucher sur le site Aliénor. In History. That worked until Romania entered the Great War and the its corn supply dried up. The tractors were the inspiration for the battle tanks that appeared later in the war. During WWI, Adenauer, then a mayor in Cologne, thought of ways on how to substitute scarce materials with what was abundantly available in the countryside. Over time, its use extended into the household as dinner wares and of course, in the medical instruments that hospitals strongly depend on. When Sundback became the head designer at the Universal Fastener Company, he concocted the Hookless Fastener, the first ever zipper with its slider that locked two sets of teeth together. Or inventions of our daily lives such as eyeglasses, soft contact lenses, swiss army knives or perfume atomisers… Europe is all about this creativity and the continuous aspiration for innovation and improvement. His reasons: candles got wasted on summer evenings because humans stayed up later than the sun while the goodness of the sunshine got wasted at the start of the day since humans stay too long in their beds to bask in it. Ces inconnus qui ont fait le siècle, Pierre Rousseau, Hachette, 1960, pages 199, 213, Grandes inventions de l'humanité, Michel Rival, Larousse, 2005, page 226, Christine Debue-Barazer, « Les Implications scientifiques et industrielles du succès de la Stovaïne® : Ernest Fourneau (1872-1949) et la chimie des médicaments en France », dans, Fabuleux hasards Histoire de la découverte de médicaments, Claude Bohuon, Claude Monneret, EDP SCIENCES, 2014, page 86, Le livre mondial des inventions 1994, page 133, Ministère de l'Enseignement supérieur, de la Recherche et de l'Innovation, Christophe-Joseph-Alexandre Mathieu de Dombasle, procédé Triger de fondation par air comprimé, Antoine Hector Thésée Treuille de Beaulieu, récepteur radio à changement de fréquence, exploitation de l'énergie thermique des mers, suspension automobile à quatre roues indépendantes, scaphandre autonome moderne à détendeur automatique, aéronef à décollage et atterrissage verticaux, enceinte acoustique à amplificateur incorporé, boite de vitesses automatique à commande électronique, Institut national de la recherche agronomique, plip, verrouillage à distance des portes de voiture, Analyse isotopique par résonance magnétique nucléaire, pneu increvable colmatant instantanément toute perforation. This was in part because women found it hateful to buy the said product from male shop assistants. After much deliberation and tests which lasted for about two years, Kimberley-Clark released the first ever sanitary napkin made up of Cellucotton and fine gauze. To alleviate this, the invention of the helmet with built-in microphones and earphones came into being. During WWI, the invention was used in a number of plane engines. However, it was how Red Cross nurses assigned in the battlefields used these wadding for their own personal hygiene, seemingly innocent invention, that brought great fortune to the once small firm. Proposals identical to what Mr. Franklin proposed were made in New Zealand and UK in 1895 and 1909 respectively though both did not yield concrete results. He tried applying for a patent for his the sausages in Germany’s Imperial Patent Office but was denied. Cookies will be set on your device to remember your preferences. The Caravel. The list below is a tribute to all European inventors who contributed significantly to the expanding influence of Europe in technics and technology… Portugal. What happened in technology and science in 1915? From historic moments, inventions and famous (and notorious) moments in time, here's a look at what resonated in 1918. Liste chronologique d'inventions françaises. Aviators, on the other hand, relied on hand gestures and shouting. From electricity to gas…what happened in the automotive industry in the 1920s? Germany at that time was already feeling the sting brought about by the British blockade. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Radio technology was already an existing invention it but needed to be developed. From the bread he made, he searched for a new approach on making sausage and ended up with a food invention that was dubbed Friedenswurst or the peace sausage – a sausage using soy instead of meat. 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