Strengths: This deck is built around Hubert. Once you begin playing (and winning) games, you will surely want to expand your collection to acquire new and powerful cards. While it is true that part of our work is to try and create a representation of the meta that is as accurate as possible and this, of course, includes the popularity of decks, popularity has no impact on how decks are tiered. When building a deck, you first choose a faction and then a leader ability. Dorregaray and Toad Prince can deal with engines. So please stay tuned! You will most likely be able to bamboozle your opponents with Pitfall Trap and Iorveth. For example Eredin decks. Because the cards are "eating" each other. Read on to learn about the very basics of deckbuilding in Gwent and set yourself up for the subsequent guides and lessons about the various features involved with building your collection and decks. The deck is good at winning Round 1 since it has so many ways of inflicting massive damage to your opponent. The Team Aretuza GWENT Meta Snapshot attempts to showcase the most-played decks on the Pro and Ranked ladders. With two meta reports now released, I am going to be working on a aggregated meta report feature and adding deck lists to the database in the coming days. Vampire (Monster) 9. So Radovid Control, Morvran Control and Monsters Consume/Weather, followed by ST Dwarf/Control decks and SK Axemen. With a faction and leader ability selected, you are ready to start adding cards. Strengths: Elder allows you to play out all 3 rounds. If you would like to discuss our current Meta Snapshot, you can join our Discord server. Agreed. Contributors: Writing: lordgort; JMJWilson23 & SwanDive; Review & Editing: SwanDive. Although not as common as his NG and NR counterparts, Shupelando has seen some rise in popularity since the recent Gwent Open qualifiers, in which our teammates BeardyBog and Green-Knight had great success with the list. The best deck to bleed with. The deck benefits from the recent popularity of Brouver Traps. The truth of the matter is that none of these decks have a head and shoulders advantage over the other good meta decks, so go play whatever faction you want. Radovid control, monster weather, monster consume, Morvran with Cahir and cows, and (to a lesser extent) Skellige axemen. For the first time in recent memory, there is a no overwhelming Tier 1 deck(s) and every faction has a competitive deck. Lack of tall removal. Draug (Northern Realms) 6. The most stable deck will most likely be NR again. It’s powerful in a long round with Triss: Telekinesis into Bone Talisman followed by a couple of Lyrian Scythemen , providing an outstanding amount of points. Weaknesses: Easy to target. Decks in this tier can beat Tier 1 decks if the player can access its full potential, or are strong decks with a clear counter; in addition, these decks should win consistently against lower tiers. However, the deck is not just a one trick pony. The first decision you must make is the faction which you wish to play. This means that the deck is consistent and doesn’t lose due to poor draws. Some examples of these may be found in our Starter Decks and Top Cards to Craft guides, but, in general, neutral cards can be slightly prioritized, as they can go in any deck and do not make you commit to a certain faction yet. Lists provided in our snapshots are usually stock lists, which are supposed to be a base to be modified according to the meta you are currently facing and your own playstyle. This improves our matchup vs Nilfgaard for example. Not bad for 7 provisions! Note that premium (that is, animated) versions of cards do not count as separate copies. This deck has no trouble with taking control of the game and setting the pace for the remainder of the match. Best Decks in Gwent – May 2020 Meta. Leader ability can be disgusting when you yoink Unicorn or Chironex and play the other from hand. Weaknesses: Struggles when Midrange decks take a timely pass in R1. Season of the Cat Meta Snapshot (2020) - Patch 7.3. Nerfs to his counters only solidified his unquestionable spot on top. If your opponent wins R1, you will be fairly susceptible to bleeding. Powerful in long and short rounds. I will be streaming most days from 1pm-3pm EST until the end of August. You can’t bleed as effectively as the taller variants. He teaches how to become better at Gwent and offers one in-depth Gwent guide each week as inspiration. Bei GWENT kombinierst du Bluffs und spontane Entscheidungen mit einem sorgfältig gestalteten Kartensatz, um in rasanten Duellen die Klingen mit Freunden zu kreuzen. Be creative and try out the card combinations available to you. It lacks the finishers and your R2 bleed is also less effective. Strengths: This variant takes the Thrive package and Crones found in its bigger sister and replaces the top end. The more removal and locks your opponent has, the harder it will be to win Round 3. Another criterion is that these decks should be able to win against lower-tier decks on blue coin most of the time. A Meta Snapshot is a comprehensive list of the decks which are played in a CCG. TL;DR: Ladder is in a very good spot variety-wise with quite a lot Tier 1 competitive decks and other Tier 2 decks with potential, but SK and Nilf need some buff (Nilf needs some snowball / combo cards, SK needs less snowball / combo, but better options overall). This isn't a complaint or anything, just an observation. The decks are ordered by criteria, accounting for their power level through a tier (used by Team Aretuza & Team Nova), star or numerical system. Very threatening if given control of R1 and able to bleed R2. These got established within 2 days after the update - people have been denying really hard that it's possible for a meta to pin itself this fast but it really did. Now that you have mastered the basic elements of gameplay, we have prepared for you our course on Deckbuilding. In addition to his work at Aretuza, he runs a Gwent YouTube channel for beginners and advanced players alike. Weaknesses: Plenty of reactive plays which can be bad when you don’t have the last say. Weaknesses: Being bled. It includes the Shupe bomb, which can be used as a finisher. Resistant to being bled. Cookies help us deliver our Services. The name of the deck doesn't have to be the name of the main mechanic. We also list a few matchups we think are particularly good or bad for each deck. TLG has Syndicate’s Passiflora in Tier 1, whereas Elder Blood has NR Devotion and Skellige’s Midrange Warriors. TLG has Syndicate’s Passiflora in Tier 1, whereas Elder Blood has NR Devotion and Skellige’s … Consultants: Adzikov, Damorquis, Jamedi, JMJWilson23, Kochua, Kolemoen, Molegion, Santtu2x, Sergi2Vamos.Editors: Apero, KochuaManager: JMJWilson23. You can replace Slave Infantry with False Ciri OR Nauzicaa Brigade with Bomb Heaver. Considerations: You can replace Leo with Ocvist or Enraged Ifrit. Commander’s Horn finisher. We then attempt to rank them based on deck strength. Here, you will discover the ins and outs of Gwent’s Deck Builder, how to recognize and use card synergies when you are building your own deck, and how to optimize the value of your deck using provisions (sometimes also referred to as recruit caps). Strengths: Nice balance between short and long round potential. Scorch is one of the highest ceiling cards in the game. CD PROJEKT®, The Witcher®, GWENT® sind eingetragene Handelsmarken der Kapitalgruppe CD PROJEKT. Strengths: Strong long and short round. The deck focuses on swarming the board with Kerack Frigates , Smoke them out! Gwent Meta Report #18 September 26, 2020 wusubi. Considerations: Leo instead of Blue Dream. We release an initial snapshot as soon as the meta has settled after a game patch and make as many updates as possible afterwards. Same story goes for high impact effects like weather, which lead to stupid decks like SK siege row spam. Arguably one of the most powerful Round 1 decks in the current meta and one of the most threatening decks when going second. Her ability always generates sick value (conparing to other leaders) and gives you uncounterable thrive engine. Struggles in long rounds against other meta decks. Within each faction, there are six leader abilities to choose from. Don’t feel pressured about deciding a faction now, as we are recommending that you explore what each has to offer and you will be able to play them all before long. Utilize the cards in your possession to try to build a coherent winning game plan. The most powerful cards in our deck are the gold cards, with bronzes supplementing them. It’s one of the few decks with enough effective removal to control Meve’s engines whilst trading-up. The game is available on GOG, Steam, iOS and Android, Press J to jump to the feed. As a result, Big Gernichora bacome one of the strongest decks in the meta. Considerations: Aguara, Roach, Vincent Meis, Bomb Heaver, Mahakam Ale. In this list, he can achieve completely insane power levels. You can identify a card’s faction by the background color of its power in the top-left corner. Weaknesses: These changes make the deck less powerful than the big variant. 5 decks is a lot! Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a1f784bdcf41d100b670e1f2e516cb00" );document.getElementById("cc3a8e4608").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Copyright 2020 © Team Leviathan Gaming | All Rights Reserved. His biggest counters are tall unit removal and resets. Weaknesses: Vulnerable to tall removal and cards like Blue Dream. There are 6 factions in the game from which to choose. The top players are usually just people with an excellent ability to weight cards, and have most if not almost all cards. It's pretty much the same stale game it was pre patch; I've tried saying a thousand times it's for most cards gravitate towards an invisible baseline; rendering them inferior to chaining/impact effects(which simply win games if the opponent cannot stop them) - which on it's turn leads to decks being able to control the former being popular. and Germain Piquant . Decks in this tier have favourable matchups against the majority of lower tier decks and some favourable matchups against other Tier 1 lists. Strengths: Extremely powerful in a long round and decent in medium rounds, due to the ability to potentially clear the opponent’s board with Spears and Wild Boar. There's a fair chance that's just because people are so shocked to not see a meta deck they forget how to play though.

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