The ending felt like adults were done with the script and some kid came in and drew crayons on the last pages. The fans love Cloud BECAUSE he is a flawed character, let the protagonist be flawed. Many of the moments in this game had me floored. In the process of getting a refund. It's very hard to score this game. Square Enix was overly fond of this character type at the time: See also Aya’s partner Daniel from the 1998 game Parasite Eve. The impact of combat feels wonderful whether your fists are flying as Tifa or you’re firing off bullets from a distance as Barrett. To call it a remake is misleading. Square Enix should have titled this game as "Phinal Phantasy VII Phantoms" instead as "Final Fantasy VII Remake"! There’s power and meaning to seeing Cloud as a tiny figure far below you, dwarfed by the industrial machinery of the mako reactor, early in the original game. As a remake of ff7, this game fails entirely, because it is a sequel. This small lapse, in reality, provides you with valuable windows to formulate a plan, determining the weaknesses of enemies or who might need healing. However, for the vast majority of my 40 hour playthrough I was transfixed, eager to explore every corner of Midgar, talking to every character and ensure I soaked in every detail. Not to mention all it was a 100% linear hand holding FF13 reskin, with a partial story that made 0% sense. The impossible had happened: an amazing, faithful remake of FF7 had come into existence. Leslie could be removed from the game completely and the story would still work, and we know that for a fact because we’ve already played that game. The problem with Remake’s combat isn’t one of mechanics, but pacing. Until I got to the ending, I was prepared to give this game high praise. FF-7 episode 1, 2, 3, 4, 80 dollars each and extra DLCs for the plot, secret characters and summons? When the game is pushing for faster hyped up action it slows down. What a disappointment Square Enix is. Finally stop with Zack. This small lapse, in reality, provides you with valuable windows to formulate a plan, determining the weaknesses of enemies or who might need healing. Robbing players of Cloud and Aeris first encounters. The moment that once offered a thrilling feeling of liberation as things really opened up has been replaced by … well, a new climax that exists as part of the larger, new story. You may think that the original FF7 loved its boss battles, and it does, but Remake game really, really loves its boss battles. By just throwing in a few retarded "quests", aka go fetch's that for me, with obvious "crawl" spaces and slow downs to hide loading and add another pointless hour of gameplay. I fell like i should have seen this coming. Sephiroth travels back in time to change date? I can't believe how much people gobble giving this game 10 and 9 but you can see that the negative review are actually more prevalent in the 'useful' view of the silent majority. ), is trash. Cero exploración, con ninguna parte nueva, no como prometieron. A complete mess like kingdom hearts endings that nobody really likes. However, it really feels like Square Enix broke down the story of Final Fantasy VII to its base elements, rebuilding it with a modern twist and expanding greatly upon what was there – sometimes for the better, sometimes with middling results. The game is incomplete, the combat system is very poor. De lo peor en este año, no me gustó nada. To say Final Fantasy VII REMAKE has been hotly anticipated is putting it mildly. Barret replies that that’s no excuse for their complicity. I would seriously question every single 10 review on this page. 1997’s Final Fantasy 7 was always audacious, a game ahead of its time. Weapons themselves can also be upgraded, unlocking stats, new Materia slots and more making your character and the weapon itself more potent in battle. Just look at the facebook or reddit game threads, it is what the fans actually want. But the man hours that went into it are evident beyond its technical prowess. It’s a usual case of discordance, and something I hope is addressed in a future update since such an eyesore just feels out of place when everything else is cream of the crop. I'm glad you kill the big whisper at the end because I never want to hear about fate, crossroads, or see another dementor again. Remake doesn’t deny that or try to simplify the game’s politics. Final Fantasy 7 is one of the most beloved games of all time, and we went hands-on with the Final Fantasy VII Remake at Gamescom 2019 to see if it lives up to the name. But it isn’t all about narrative, despite it sitting at the crux of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. There are some drastic changes to the story many have come to love – almost as if Square Enix looked at Final Fantasy VII and decided they could do it better today versus 1997. Cloud is the protagonist not Zack. Fights that were relatively static back in 1997 now feel alive, massive set-pieces in their own right that erupt with delightfully orchestral flair. The majority of these are beautifully done, shining a greater light on the motivations of supporting personalities and giving the moral politics of this world a far more nuanced definition than before. You might have to find cats in different spots around the slums, or do a generic go-here-and-kill-the-monsters quest for a generic NPC. It was directed, in other words, even if that direction was created out of necessity. Aerith felt like she came into her own, taking center stage as the true hero of REMAKE's story - powerful and stern when she needed to be, yet goofy and quick witted when the moment called for some levity. The deeper storytelling and acting had me plastered to the screen all the way through. This is why people were excited for a remake of a story that everyone already loved. Cloud and his gargantuan sword were instantly iconic, instilling a legacy many were afraid to touch for years. We use industry standard tests in order to compare features properly. Yet this is all overshadowed by the woefully inadequate writing. Generally favorable reviews On the contrary, it makes the fight for the fate of the planet feel personal and urgent, and it allows characters like Tifa to have misgivings about what the right way is to wage that battle, even as she knows the battle must be fought. But it isn’t all about narrative, despite it sitting at the crux of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a flawed, but fascinating, reimagining of a classic. So like most people I thought FF7:R was a remake;usually when remake is implied in the title;it's insinuating that they're remaking assets from the ground up;even though there are plenty of articles to show as sources that SE implied this was a 1:1 remake with a ton of content now padded to the game(the reason why they decided on episodic chapters);however this is not the case.

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