Loving you so easy Coming from him was funny. That can save me [Intro] I think I need you You've seen the best and worst of me I know you’ll always be that friend to me He was super kind and I’ve been an even bigger fan since meeting him. I think I need you That one day Loving you so easy. You concluded the album with the Tammy Wynette hit song, “Til I Can Make it On My Own.”  Songs from Tammy and Loretta Lynn are always interesting because they dealt with the series of cheating and heartbreak. But baby you got to trust Thanks to singer-songwriters like Erin Enderlin, soundtrack of our lives is put into lyrics and instrumentation. Loving you so easy Loving you so easy I think I need you Loving you so easy I think I need you Loving you so easy I think I need you Loving you so easy I think I need you. Watch my dreams go out the window He was always inspiring and when he came out, he always gave 150%. And when you break down Guess we're coming out our shell Out of the darkness Erin: I’m going to get up there, tell stories, playing some songs off the new album. But you worship the ground that I walk on x2 And everybody else thinks Cos we got something that they’ll never know That’s how I know we’re always, Loving you so easy I think I need you I aint even 90% My grandpa had a record collection and he worked at the VA. Saying that you had enough There were about 18,000 people when I was there. Song Title: Grey Skies 3. I wasn’t allowed to touch any of the records until he came home. Erin:  Well Reba can just cut anything of mine. Erin:  I may write two or three about the things you’ve said today. And yeh at times be my enemy This love we got is strange but we do this sh*t professionally Roll with this for centuries as long we're an entity It's meant to be I know you'll always be that friend to me I was pretty pumped about stuff, but then I thought maybe I don’t know what I’m doing. Both unbalanced chemically I realized that I was not going to play out for at least a year. I was thinking about that and when I saw that billboard, I began thinking, ‘wait, why is this not a country song?’  Somehow my brain put that together. When we like to pretend It is interesting because I get a lot of inspiration by going out and seeing live music. I could sit and listen to him coming through the air conditioning vents at night. Knows you so well, sticking by you heaven or hell Come into the light oh The album was produced by Jim “Moose” Brown as well as Jamey Johnson. Loving you so easy Overcome, realize that I'm the only one I could ever make it out of the darkness [Verse 1] Loving you so easy Not specifically for lyrics or melody, but it gets my brain going. Both unbalanced chemically I know it's painful When did you realize that you wanted to pursue a career as a singer or songwriter? You want me to come over I got an excuse Might be holding your hand, but I'm holding it loose Go to talk then we choke its like our necks in a noose Avoid the obvious we should be facing the truth We are fucked up perfectly Erin:  Him and Morgane together are unbelievable stupid good. And yeah at times be my enemy Get drunk and you're shameless There was like four or five of us that lived in there. You can make it out of the darkness He was never jaded and was always so nice to everybody. I love Mo Pitney and I cannot wait to see him again. Erin:  Chris Stapleton was my first roommate. Lyrics to 'Kickstarts' by Example. Erin Willett - Out of the Darkness Lyrics. Erin:  Tammy had the vocals that showed vulnerability that’s for sure. All Rights Reserved. I’ve been to Branson and seen music shows there, but not really a concert. I know from the nights that we spent You can make it out of the darkness Some of the songs have true stories, while others are left for the imagination. Below is that interview: Kentucky Country Music: I have heard from others that we have a connection with a love of Little Jimmy Dickens. Out of the darkness He lived in the basement. And I gave in who am I © Copyright 2016-2020 Lyricsjah.com. Where do you get the inspiration for your songs? She enjoys providing concert photography, reviews, historical articles, red carpet event coverage, and exclusive interviews of your favorite musicians. Let’s talk about the new album, “Whiskeytown Crier.”  How did you come up with that title? [Bridge] It’s meant to be, It’s only the outside that they see That's how I know we're always We went to Starstruck and I still have photos from the trip. It was a combination of things. Come into the light oh You’ve seen the best and worst of me I was listening to country music for a long time, practically when I could walk. Yeah, and at times be my enemy This love we got is strange but we do this shit professionally Roll with this for centuries as long we’re an entity It’s meant to be Cos in love you never know, It’s only the outside that they see Saying that you had enough 'Cause we got something that they'll never know Erin:  There are pieces of me in each of the songs. I was in the fourth grade and I wrote a song called “Where the Bluegrass Grows.”  I started writing all these songs and going to music class. The sound of the steel guitar rolls gracefully around the vocals of Erin Enderlin as she tells the stories of heartache, loss, and hope with this new album. You have all of these stories of these people there and stuff that was happening being reported there.’  Moose thought it was a good idea and started working on a concept album. It was so hot, I threw up that night. And when you break down They want to take everything in. Be sure to check out Erin Enderlin online at www.erinenderlin.com, as well as on I-tu. You'll never make it Come September 1st, Erin Enderlin will be releasing her new album, “Whiskeytown Crier.”  The album is a collection of stories of characters that have entered into Erin’s life. Guess we’re coming out our shell nes. Make sure your selection However, Erin Enderlin is one name that you want to mark down as one to watch with her musical talents. The Chronological Bing Crosby, Vol. She was up there killing it. There are city sounds throughout the album. And when you break down An annotation cannot contain another annotation. How would you describe growing up in your hometown? Erin:  For a long time, I don’t think I understood that was something that people do like an option to work. 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