That is great to know, I never thought of doing that! Shake until mixed, the same way you would using an Easiyo sachet. I.e. Hey there! The rest of the time I make my yoghurt from scratch, using one of the following methods. Sign up for a new account in our community. I figured it should work, if the bacteria are really live. She had been using the same culture that had been handed on from her mother, and would continue to be handed on the her children. Matt. Would you say it should be made the same method as UHT milk? Is there an addon or something that you use or do you just accept the fact that it will be “less beneficial”? I just wanted to say thank you for this thorough post. Have you ever tried using non-dairy milk? Hi Matt, It has ben great to find your knowledgeable post! Works a treat. Hi Danny, It is supposed to be the case that you can not use your “normal” yogurt indefinitely – there are certain kinds of starters that you can do that for, but they are not the ones in commercial youghurt – but you can certainly use it more than once – probably 3 or 4 times should be okay. If so what would work best? I buy this from Coles. Hi, thank you for the wonderful informative website ! I would like to use milk powder because I don’t have a thermometer to check if I am heating it enough/too much. It can’t hurt! It will take a little longer this way though, as the mix will have to warm up before the culture starts to grow. The trickiest part is figuring out how to keep your yoghurt at an even temperature (of around 40 degrees Celsius) while …. Here’s how to get back to finding out about Norwex. Some people love that and some don’t. Kirsten. Here’s a good article I found on making yoghurt with coconut milk. Hi Gabrielle, I did have a couple questions about the UHT milk recipe. Kirsten, Ok can you clarify the pasteurizing please? I will give that a try . I usually make a skim or low fat one for me (I have trouble getting the skim to set after a few batches so have to add a bit of full fat back into it) and a full fat for the kids. It’s a bit tricky to get sugar to dissolve in cold milk, so I usually just heat up a little in the microwave and dissolve it in that. If I … And filling to the top of the baffle. Sorry Julia, I thought I had replied to this! I didn't finish my small bowl and left it on the bench for a while. I left it about 20hrs, it tasted tangy like yoghurt but with that curdled texture. If I’m using water and milk powder I just heat up a couple of tablespoons of water and dissolve the sugar in that, before mixing in the milk powder and yoghurt. Also, when I was little my mom made yogurt all the time in a salton yogurt maker, I don’t recall her ever heating the milk first. Take about half a cup of the milk and mix it with 2-3 tbsp of yoghurt, until they are well blended. Have you read the troubleshooting guide? Oh Kylie! Hi I was just wondering if you can use filtered milk to make yoghurt. Fingers crossed it wont be a complete disaster. Is that possible? I did whisk in a tablespoon of honey to sweeten but don't know why that would have made a difference. And that’s where the Easiyo comes into it’s own. Would I follow the recipe but just substitute BM and skip the milk powder. Is there a health risk factor that I’m missing? I have had a bit of a failure after a few successes… The bacteria is live, it will just keep on multiplying. We all know homemade yoghurt is better but the cost of powdered yoghurt packets makes it hardly worth the effort as there is very little saving if you follow the instructions on the packet. So the other two probable options are that either, as you say, the starter culture was no good, or the temperature didn’t stay warm enough. No, I haven’t tried making non-diary yoghurt. On the other hand, two much culture doesn’t work – there’s too much competition for the “food” (milk sugars), so that it’s all gone before the yoghurt sets. I tried making the powdered milk recipe and it was so thick and creamy. please i am awaiting ur advise. I use skim milk powder and am usually happy with the result, but it's unpredictable. I do sometimes find I end up with a layer of cream at the top, but the rest of the yogurt is still creamier and thicker too I will now test the pack I have in the fridge and see if it is also all dead, and I went out yesterday and bought a fresh jar of jalna biodynamic yoghurt, with a month before its use-by date, to make a new batch of yogurt today. Thanks to your article I can keep making yogurt for my family for a while. Today I’ll show you how to save money by making yoghurt with an Easiyo and milk powder. Kirsten. 3 tablespoons of greek yogurt base (easyo), 1 tablespoon of sugar, 1.5cups of skim milk powder & fill with water. Cheers, Maree. In other words make it up into liquid milk, then add the culture (3 Tbsp works for me) and enough additional cold pasteurised milk to fill the container. So there you go. Which at first I thought was counter productive but turned out to be a blessing in disguise) Thanks again, Thanks again!! My daughter is unable to have milk or skim milk but can have soy or coconut milk. We love esiyo as it works without needing a fridge: the yoghurt is all eaten by our group in the morning when it is ready. Hope that helps! This is basically the same as above, except without steps 1 & 2, and instead of 1/2 cup of milk powder, I use 1&1/3 to 1&1/2 cups of milk powder, 1 litre of cold water from the tap. Also it says to add 1&1/3 to 1&1/2 cups of milk powder. We tried making this last night (I only found your website today, I was going off another website which didn’t have an easiyo container spec’d). The UHT milk can be kept in the cupboard until you open it, then it needs to be in the fridge, just like other milk. It didn’t work for me. What Do Laundry and Coffee Have in Common? It is exactly the same as option 1, without the heating and cooling of the milk, and works perfectly. I bought one of the EasiYo flasks in Australia last week and a sachet and made it with astounding success, enjoying it this past week. I searched for ages to find a simple way to make yogurt! How do I use them? Sorry to have missed your question Erika, but Polly’s answer, which you hopefully saw, is absolutely correct. Hopefully it will work!! Approximately how much did you add to your container? Easy and cheap homemade yoghurt. EasiYo yogurt is fresh, simple and fun for the whole family to make too! So glad that I have found your posts. That must be quite a bit creamier than my recipe Rachel – I need to make a batch of yoghurt tonight, so I’m going to try that recipe. Yummy but I will look at using UHT milk once I start caravaning around Australia. Thank you. That’s the only thing I can think of that would cause this change. I just use the Queen brand essences available from the baking aisle in my supermarket, but that is an Australian brand, so I’m not sure if you can get them. I mainly use the Strawberry flavoured Easiyo mix because that's what my kids like. You could try stirring in fresh berries or mango when serving. I’m a little nervous as this will be my first time ever of trying to make yoghurt. Your welcome Jo-Anne, and thanks for commenting. Now I’ve been following the recipe which says to cook for 30 minutes at 90 degrees, then cool to 37 degrees before adding the starter. I will try UHT milk too, which is readily available in France. Thanks, I haven’t tried it Leanda, but I think you could. see how it turns out. Could you advise me please? Still need to use milk powder? I haven’t read through all the comments, there are so many! The second batch didn’t work. I made a patch of yoghurt last night using 1 litre of filtered whole milk (4%). I worked out that it is crucial to store the remaining Easiyo sachet in an airtight container. (If not, with what machine (with or without electricity) can I make my own yogurt with as less thought and doings as possible ? This is not essential, but makes for a thicker yoghurt. That has saved me about 2 hours of the elapsed time in my yoghurt making! Dee. How long it will last in the fridge will depend, I assume, on how long your milk had to last. I just returned from a visit to New Zealand and bought an Easiyo with lots of sachets and even more milk powder. Im using 325ml full cream milk and 300ml heavy cream. That always produces lovely thick Greek style yogurt. I haven’t used it, but a commenter on on a post from Christine’s blog Slow Living Essentials reports having used it to good effect.

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