However, like our previous pops, it was originally marketed for its health benefits; its original formula featured lithium citrate, a chemical still used today as a mood stabilizer. The formula invented back... Sarsaparilla is a carbonated soft drink originally made from the native Central American plant smilax ornata. Every product is independently selected by our editors. By 1884, Hires decided people would buy more of the stuff if they didn’t have to make it themselves. And if you’re guessing that “Dr Pepper’s Phos-Ferrates” was originally touted as a health tonic, just like Coke and Pepsi, you’d be correct in that as well. The company legend is that the syrup had aged from 1862, when Vernor left Detroit to fight in the Civil War, until 1865, when he returned. 3. It was first exported to the United Sates in 1919. 11. His brother, Erik, was the Deputy Prime Minister of Canada for two years, from 1984 to 1986. (However, prune juice, commonly rumored to be an ingredient, is not and never was part of the formula. Another soda pop, another pharmacist inventor. In this case the history of beverage means that the systematic account about the development of beverage. Beyond its carbonation and cola flavor, Pepsi shares something in common with its main competitor, Coca-Cola. In 1982, the first full year that aspartame was used in Canada, diet drinks increased by 15.2% of total soft-drink sales, while the total soft-drink industry grew 8%. Over and out. Some of the early drinks bottled in Canada were called Birch Beer, Ginger Beer, Sarsaparilla, Sour Lemon, None-Such Soda Water and Cream Soda. The soft-drink industry comprises companies that manufacture nonalcoholic beverages and carbonated mineral waters or concentrates and syrups for the manufacture of carbonated beverages. (And for you editorial types, there is no period after the “Dr” in “Dr Pepper”; it was removed sometime in the 1950s.). Furthermore, because scent is an important part of taste, the flavours carried as vapours in the bubbles enhance taste. Wired cork closures were used until about 1884 with Codd's Patented Globe Stoppers (25 types in all). 10. By 1973, 337 plants were in production and the value of shipments was $484 million. Check out these 7 inventors who actually regretted their inventions. Smart friend. By the mid-1800s, soft drinks sold in Canada were packaged in 8-ounce (227.2 ml) round-bottom bottles for about 25 cents a dozen, except ginger beer, which was sold in draught form from wooden kegs. Invention of soda fountain by Samuel Fahnestock. Beverage is a liquid for drinking; drink; usually applied to drink artificially prepared and of an agreeable flavor; as an intoxicating beverage. No, but there was yet another pharmacist who, while not actually named Pepper (his name was Charles Alderton), invented the drink in Waco, Texas, ... Canada Dry: Not related to Prohibition. Vernor’s Ginger Ale is generally accepted as the oldest American soda pop brand still in existence. In the 1820s, small carbonated bottling operations were established in Canada, producing carbonated drinks in refillable bottles which were merchandised as medicinal elixirs or tonics. By the beginning of the 19th century, carbonated water was being made commercially in France and North America; shortly thereafter, flavours (normally fruit concentrates) were added to enliven the taste. This decision, estimated to have cost the industry more than $15 million, was a setback to diet-drink development. But don't get confused, ours is much better. It got its start just after the Civil War when Detroit’s James Vernor—a pharmacist, of course—discovered that a ginger-ale syrup he’d left to age in an oak cask ended up with a distinct flavor thanks to the wood. This soft drink wasn’t an accident. There’s also the fact that Canada Dry is lighter and less sweet than other ginger ale. That’s not the case according to Snopes. In 1987 total soft-drink sales increased 5.3% over 1986, while diet soft-drink sales increased by 10.7%. The industry is represented by the Canadian Soft Drink Association in Toronto and by several provincial associations. × A Canadian sport invented by T.E. By the next year, he was selling root tea packets, which people could take home to brew their own drinks. In the 1500s the village of Spa in Belgium became famous for its waters, which by the early 1600s were sold, in bottles, as far away as London, Eng. The technique led to development of the soft-drink industry. Because they had to be stored neck down so that the cork would not dry and allow the carbonation to leak away, they were manufactured with rounded bottoms. By 1960 the number of plants had increased to 502 and the value of sales to $172.7 million. When Canada declared war on Germany two years later, he went to Ottawa to redevelop the device for military use. The sweet apples resembling today’s; appeared several thousand years ago in Kazakhstan. This single development has encouraged strong growth in the industry. Barratt, Robert F.. "Soft-Drink Industry". Cooled carbon dioxide is then injected at pressures of 275-550 kilopascals. However, an effort is being made, often through provincial legislation, to increase the use of returnable glass containers. While the history is a systematic accounts of events particularly of those affecting a nation, institution science or art, and usually connected with philosophical explanation of their causes. Calgary, Alberta – The infamous Bloody Caesar cocktail was invented in 1969, by bartender Walter Chell at the Westin Hotel. We recommend our users to update the browser. Next, check out the surprising birthplace of 20 favorite foods and drinks. Its creator was Atlanta pharmacist Dr. John Pemberton, who touted the wine coca’s medicinal qualities for anyone who was “devoted to extreme mental exertion.”. The result: Coca-Cola was marketed as a nerve tonic as well as a temperance drink. 9. In 1929 the industry was made up of 345 production plants and the value of shipments reached $12.3 million. Don Hings invented what he called the "packset" in 1937. Such closures were replaced by the Hutcheson Spring Stopper. Just as Coca-Cola no longer contains cocaine, Pepsi no longer includes pepsin. In 1772 he invented a method of "pushing" carbon dioxide into water by dissolving it under pressure, thus creating fairly long-lasting bubbles. Aspartame-sweetened diet drinks have had a dramatic effect on the Canadian carbonated-beverage industry. Don’t miss these 13 foods that were invented by accident. In 1987 total soft-drink sales increased 5.3% over 1986, while diet soft-drink sales increased by 10.7%. This is a popular drink to have during Sunday brunch along with mimosas. None of these theories is verified. Mountain dew history Mountain Dew is a caffeinated, sweet, citrus-flavored soft drink produced by PepsiCo, Inc. Another good call. ), Interestingly, no one, including the folks at Dr Pepper or the Dr Pepper Museum in Waco, knows exactly how the soda pop got its name; theories range from a nod to pepsin to the soda being named in honor of the former owner of the drugstore where the drink was invented. It’s a well-known fact that the original formula for the world’s most popular soft drink featured cocaine, but did you know that the original also contained alcohol? The introduction of diet carbonated beverages has changed the industry's profile. Smithsonian Magazine reports the phrase “mountain dew” was slang for mountain-brewed moonshine. Ice Hockey: Invented in 19th-century Canada This single development has encouraged strong growth in the industry. Vernor originally sold the soda pop in his drugstore, but by 1896, the drink was so popular that he was able to close the drugstore and focus purely on selling the soda. We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer), 7 inventors who actually regretted their inventions, 10 reasons to avoid all soda—including diet, 12 things that happen to your body when you stop drinking diet soda, 9 quirky facts we bet you didn’t know about your favorite foods, the surprising birthplace of 20 favorite foods and drinks, Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents. Signing up enhances your TCE experience with the ability to save items to your personal reading list, and access the interactive map. Was there a doctor involved in the creation of Dr Pepper? In 1985, with sales of about $1.8 billion, the industry had 187 plants in production: Newfoundland had 3; PEI, 1; Nova Scotia, 7; New Brunswick, 8; Québec, 66; Ontario, 58; Manitoba, 7; Saskatchewan, 10; Alberta, 13; and BC, 14. In 1982, the first full year that aspartame was used in Canada, diet drinks increased by 15.2% of total soft-drink sales, while the total soft-drink industry grew 8%. Several years ago, in response to increasing consumer diet consciousness, the industry introduced the first successful sugar-free diet drinks using the artificial sweetener cyclamate. Invented in Calgary in 1969, this Canadian favourite is often mistaken for the American Bloody Mary. Ally and Barney Hartman initially worked for the Orange Crush soda plant bottling in Georgia before the Great Depression, according to Mental Floss. Most soft drinks are still carbonated to give drinks a "tangy bite" and to stimulate the tongue. After the business went bankrupt, the Hartmans’ discovered a lemon-lime soda that mixed perfectly with their favorite drink—bourbon. Just before the saccharin ban in 1977, diet drinks accounted for about 10% of the soft-drink market; following the ban the diet share dropped to about 2%, consisting of beverages partially sweetened with small amounts of sugar. In 1922, he trademarked the name Canada Dry. By 1904 McLaughlin had perfected a recipe for pale dry ginger ale. The company was actually started by Canadian pharmacist John J. McLaughlin, before the Texas-based Dr. Pepper Snapple Group bought by the company.

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