The Broncos’ nose tackle suffered a Lisfranc fracture against the Chiefs. Legwold redrafted two current Broncos in QB Drew Lock (No. What’s the plan for him moving forward? 15 overall) and WR Courtland Sutton (114 overall). The Broncos would love to get more out of their first-round wideout but some of that is on the coaches. Taking a look at the QBs taken in the first round after Lock, there's only one guy I might consider at QB before Lock and that's Matthew Stafford. There will be doubters, as shown in the draft when Lock fell all the way to 42nd overall, after being seen as a sure-fire first rounder merely a season ago. Log in and join the in-game discussion as we live-blog DENvsNE. Maybe that was later than many, including Lock, thought he would be selected. The Broncos shot themselves in the foot in a 10th-straight loss to the Chiefs. Lock has been mocked by several different media outlets to go in the first 15 picks of Friday's second round. Legwold took notes from GM John Elway when picking for the Broncos as his two offensive picks beyond  Lock were Sutton in the fourth to attack the outside and current Kansas City Chiefs' TE Travis Kelce to attack the inside. The NFL trade deadline is rapidly approaching. Update: The Denver Broncos selected Missouri quarterback Drew Lock with the 42nd pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. But people don't seem to realize you need to have a certain type of build and very good arm strength to play 8 games a year, plus the post season, a mile above sea level and the harsh weather and wind. Drew Lock was projected as a top-10 pick for Thursday's first round of the 2019 NFL Draft in Nashville. In those four picks made for each team, NFL Nation had to draft a quarterback, a non-quarterback offensive player, and a defensive player. NFL Power Rankings Week 8: You are what your record says at this point. It's going to be interesting to see how all these quarterbacks sort themselves out over the balance of their respective careers, but Lock has shown enough in just five games for many really smart football people to believe he could have a great future ahead of him. Who were the biggest winners and losers? Jared Goff had 9-inch hands, too, while Jameis Winston had 9 3/8-inch hands. 1 to a bad team' Legwold redrafted two current Broncos in QB Drew Lock (No. Two great athletes for a quarterback with a big arm to attack all areas of the field. Broncos’ defense holds its own while offense, ST melt down in the snow. The Broncos' head coach was none-too-pleased with his team's passing offense coming out of Week 7's embarrassing loss to the Chiefs. Some wonder if Elway will be around as the GM to see his final plan through, but a pattern is becoming clear in the way the Broncos draft their players. Lock is anxious to embrace his new orange and blue threads, after growing up in Missouri and learning to hate those colors as a Chiefs’ fan. But the 6-4, 228-pound quarterback struggled at times both with accuracy and turnovers, completing just 56.9 percent of his collegiate throws, though that mark rose to 62.9 percent in his senior season In the lead-up to the draft, Lock said he was more concerned with team fit than being drafted highly.". Must admit I was totally taken aback by this mock type deal. Middlehurst-Schwartz isn't the only one who has heard that about Lock. "Working off the five-year window, the line between current production and youth with room to grow had to be considered with the selections. He said they considered Dwayne Haskins and Drew Lock, but Wilkins was higher on the board for them. Holding the No. It's simple team building logic to understand that you need to have a viable QB, or at least one with high upside and potential, if you are going to build a roster capable of competing for a championship. Fresh off a senior season that came nowhere close to the stat production of his junior year, Lock had taken a hit to his draft stock. In 2018, the Baltimore Ravens traded back up into the first round of the draft with the Philadelphia Eagles to select QB Lamar Jackson with the 32nd overall pick. Second to that might be taking Burrow even higher than Lock, considering he’s proven jack thus far. Lock hasn’t fully established himself yet but he did more in those five games than I thought possible and obviously convinced the Broncos he is worth building around this offseason. Here are a few scenarios the Broncos could consider. The Broncos have a chance at a bright future if these young players can pan out. Overall, Legwold decided to live by the saying 'go big or go home.'. I like Lock, but man this was rough and can't agree whatsoever. One thing that sticks out about these choices for the Broncos is how many of them are on rookie contracts for the next few years. SF: D.K. High upside with three young players and a proven Titan at the TE position. Broncos stats you want to see. His limitations under duress make him a developmental prospect, he will need notable improvement in his composure under pressure and his throwing mechanics in tight spaces if he's ever to reach his ceiling as a player. Apparently hand dexterity and 3/8 inches are important things when dealing with billion-dollar franchises. Some NFL national reporters had theories. What did we learn from Denver's 43-16 loss to Kansas City? Apparently hand dexterity and 3/8 inches are important things when dealing with billion-dollar franchises. Jeff Legworld is a Denver fan and he is showing his Broncos colors in this draft, much the same as other writers. Since trading up to snag Dalton Risner and Drew Lock back-to-back, the Broncos’ Day 2 haul has built momentum as one of the best in 2019. Five years is an awfully long time for Denver to wait for a Super Bowl. Andy Reid did not hold back when he was asked about Drew Lock this week with the Chiefs and Broncos set to square off at Mile High. USA Today's Michael Middlehurst-Schwartz rendered Lock's drop due to inaccuracy despite a prolific career at Missouri. If Dolphins can get Rosen, they should trade for him instead of drafting Lock. NE: Will GrierFULL:, Drew lock: 'I'd 100 percent rather go 32nd to the right team than No. Drew Lock did not play well in the Broncos' 43-16 loss to the Chiefs but he stood at the podium and communicated a potent message to fans. Fans hope that Legwold's bullish outlook on Lock is rewarded with a big season and a bright future. It's a bit of fun really in truth. Don't miss out on any news and analysis! The Denver Broncos offense is only going to be as good as it quarterback and Drew Lock needs a lot of improvement before this team can win games consistently. Don't miss out on any news and analysis! This should give Flacco plenty of time to pick up the system and make a name for himself here in Denver early on, if he’s ever going to. Drew Lock on people saying he reminds them of Jay Cutler: The Missouri product seems pumped and excited to get to work. They targeted Wilkins early on. Teams are what their record is at this point. The fourth choice could be a wildcard. Von Miller went in the second round to the Las Vegas Raiders, Bradley Chubb went in the third round to the New York Jets, and Jerry Jeudy went in the third round to the Chicago Bears. Injuries and lack of production seemingly forced the Ravens into making the decision to go with Jackson, and now Flacco’s fate in Denver doesn’t appear to be much different. Lock is ready to prove them wrong. There were three other Bronco players taken in NFL Nation's redraft. QB Drew Lock out of Missouri. This should be fun. @LanceZierlein's Rounds 2 & 3 Mock Draft:36. Legwold's choice on defense was another area where he took some major risk in taking Isaiah Simmons (actually drafted by the Arizona Cardinals this past spring) to be the Swiss army knife. Enter 6’4”, 225-lb. NFLN on Drew Lock: “Concerns about the accuracy.”. Lock has since said all the right things. Either way, the biggest offenders , imo, are the guys who didn’t take QB’s in the first round. Most qb's would struggle to play in denver tbh. Oakland (35) looks like a landing spot for Drew Lock. The fact that Denver nabbed Lock in the second round of the 2019 draft, instead of the first, alleviates some of the pressure on Elway and Fangio to play Lock right away. o inaccuracy despite a prolific career at Missouri. Drew Lock looks the part of a young, franchise quarterback. It must be tough keeping a level head as you wait and watch teams pick other players, not knowing when your name will be called. ESPN used the 2020 draft order with a snake style draft, going four full rounds with the theoretical idea being that the rest of each team's roster would be filled with middle-of-the-pack type players. I haven't seen the rest of the article as of this post, but I'm curious to see who else was available when the Broncos picked Simmons for their defensive player. The temptation was irresistible. 15 pick in the first round, just like this past spring. You are supposed to be taking guys that you could see leading the franchise for the next 5 years.

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