Somehow Schubert–without my seeking–always finds me in the autumn. Composed in 1787, Don Giovanni is an opera in two acts.Its popularity when it premiered shot it into immediate success, and in the modern day it still remains as one of the most popular operas of all time.Don Giovanni After the death of Mozart, Johann Andre adopted the end of the overture for concert performance, and it is Andre’s version that you will hear today. . Nothing to laugh at here. The opera’s subject is Don Juan, the notorious libertine of fiction, and his eventual descent into hell. The two thunderous opening chords in D minor started the slow section that people expected to hear in a serious work. However, in Don Giovanni, Mozart does open the overture with fragments from the Commendatore’s theme. An overture is an instrumental piece that opens an opera, ballet, or drama. While much of Don Giovanni’s bed-hopping is treated as farce (especially when he and his servant, Leporello, impersonate each other), the opera begins with him killing the father of one of his conquests and ends with the statue of that murdered man dragging Don Giovanni to hell. Redlands Symphony proudly presents MOZART's Don Giovanni Overture. I. The subject matter may have been chosen in consideration of the long history of Don Juan operas in Prague; the genre of eighteenth-century Don Juan opera originated in Prague. On the evening of the 27th (or possibly the 28th), it was mentioned to Mozart that there was no overture. He mocks the Don, and with a twinkle, invites himself to Giovanni’s house for supper! Listen Details. The Redlands Symphony Association is a registered 501 (c)3 organization. Sometimes, Mozart would write the music before da Ponte was finished. October 27 at 8 p.m. EDT, A four-part Wednesday afternoon series on taking the pain out of term papers. Before the act has ended Giovanni has murdered the lady’s father. Two blasting chords announce the beginning Mozart’s opera Don Giovanni. Your email address will not be published. Giovanni sets off to seduce a noble lady. Find Concerts, Events, Artists, Reviews, and More. A Programmatic Overture? The Broadway Bach Ensemble is a 501(c)(3) organization. The two thunderous opening chords in D minor started the slow section that people expected to hear in a serious work. And the course filled up within minutes. Don Giovanni cleverly intertwines both serious drama and comedy to create this multifaceted piece of drama. Mozart left for Prague on October 1 with most of the music completed. It is here,” pointing to his head. ... opera begins with him killing the father of one of his conquests and ends with the statue of that murdered man dragging Don Giovanni to hell. You might also enjoy… Fanny Mendelssohn: Overture in C, Your email address will not be published. Originally Mozart designed the overture to lead directly to the music of the first act, showing that the overture is an inseparable part of the entire drama. Once settled into comfortable boarding houses, the two worked feverishly. There’s a contrasting middle section called “the Development” (3:01) where themes are reworked and varied. Dramatic state music, the genre in which Mozart had the greatest potential to excel, was the most difficult to conquer without the aid of those in charge of the official court theater. 10+ frames from Peter Pan , with final comments ad libitum. The premiere on January 13, 1787, was such a success that the impresario Bondini immediately commissioned an opera to be performed the following autumn. and then Goes Right. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Don Giovanni Overture Context. 2 in F Major, BWV 1047, Bach: Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, BWV 565, The Collapsing Case Against Charter Schools, Classical: A Word in Need of a Common Sense Definition, Poetic Traditional Hymns Put Alternatives to Shame, When Renovation Goes Wrong . In the tradition of E. T. A. Hoffman this overture has been considered programmatic in nature, with specific references to the plot and characters, particularly the opposing characters of Don Giovanni and the Commendatore. Mozart’s opera is based on the Spanish legend of Don Juan, following the exploits of the seducer as he has sex with women of all stripes before leaving them.

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