Another feature of the EPS is the protection from overcurrent via monitoring the current passing from each bus. Employing Maximum Power Point Tracking which provides a highly-efficient battery charge mechanism, that maximizes the power generation from the CubeSat. The role of the EPS is to generate, store and distribute the electricity produced by the solar panels. Electric Power System II (EPS II) is built to support payloads with high power requirements. Our EPS the most robust solution in the CubeSat market. Electrical Power Supply (EPS) The Electrical Power Supply, or EPS of the CubeSat is composed by three modules which are the PCC (Power Control Circuit), the PV (photovoltaic panel) and the BAT (Battery). The Power System Module (EPS) for cubesats by Warpspace Designed to offer simple, energy-saving, and low-cost EPS performance. EPS module (Electrical Power System) is responsible for performing energy harvesting, energy storage and energy distribution to other modules under controlled conditions to provide safety and proper operation of whole satellite. EPS II has industry-leading performance. View products List your product. Subsystems of EPS One-stop webshop for CubeSats and Nanosats. Description. The PC104 standard device weighs 130g and has a supply voltage of 3.3V/5V. Figure 2: Exploded view of the Irazú CubeSat (image credit: ITCR) EPS (Electrical Power Subsystem): The EPS consists of 5 solar panels, that can generate up to 2.3 W in LEO, and the power supply, consisting of a 7.4 V battery. These are designs that have already been … More than 100 products available. Of course, all the above have to be implemented inside the highly limited space of a CubeSat. CubeSat. The power supply is based on the CubeSat Kit Bus standard and has a storage level of 3350mAh(BOL). It takes less than 5 min to configure your own CubeSat. Every cubic and square centimeter plays a … ... EnduroSat offers unique custom-built CubeSats for advanced commercial, exploration, science & tech missions.

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