Bonas was born in Winchester, Hampshire, the only child and daughter of 1960s "It girl" Lady Mary-Gaye Georgiana Lorna Curzon (daughter of the 6th Earl Howe's second marriage) and her third husband, Old Harrovian entrepreneur Jeffrey Bonas. For her part, Cressida is, like her mother before her, said by friends to be extraordinarily nice, if a little bit on the wild side. The gentlemen concerned were aristocrat Esmond Cooper-Key (1971-76), property magnate John Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe (1977-86), businessman Jeffrey Bonas (1988-94) and financier Christopher Shaw (1996-2000). Carole’s style is sexy and body-conscious – after all, she has a great figure. Her mother Lady Mary Gaye has five children by three of her four husbands, all of whom she divorced. Express. For a time, the young Cressida was given the run of Hinton Ampner, the National Trust-owned stately home in Hampshire of which her mother was chatelaine following her fourth marriage in 1996 to multi-millionaire Shaw, who owned the lease on the sprawling country pile with views over the South Downs. They married in 1980 and have raised three children in blameless domesticity. She knows her way around designers such as Orla Kiely, is no stranger to animal prints and is not afraid to show a leg, especially if it’s in a snazzy pair of tights. Lady Mary-Gaye was born in 1947 and went to the prestigious Heathfield School for girls. And as mother of a future Queen, she’s going to get plenty more practice. She now dates PR man David McDonough. Following her own divorce from Bonas, Lady MG, who is the granddaughter of the late motor-racing aristocrat Earl Howe, then took up with financier Christopher Shaw, moving in with him while still officially married to Cressida’s father. Friends say the young Cressida spent summers in St Tropez where her head-turning mother would regularly be found with a gaggle of her children lunching at the exclusive Club 55. Lady Mary-Gaye has never worked except on her charities (though she did have a blue cocktail named after her at Claridge’s). In her day Mary Gaye, 65, so bedazzled London that a blue-coloured cocktail — to match her blue-blooded credentials — called The Curzon was invented at Claridge’s in her honour. Prince William had a massive — if unrequited — crush on Bella, as she is known to friends, to such an extent that when he spent a rapt evening hanging on her every word at a black-tie party in 2005, Kate stormed out in a huff. However, Cressida Bonas never made any mention of her wedding in her social media posts until Tuesday, when she wrote a sweet tribute for her new mother-in-law on Instagram stories. It was a decidedly mismatched union, however, the gracefully beautiful Lady Mary Gaye and the bespectacled Shaw, an aging Old Etonian and former Grenadier Guards officer, who bore an uncanny likeness to Dad’s Army actor Arthur Lowe. Elegant and sophisticated with blonde, shoulder-length hair that takes years off her, she’s not afraid of a splash of colour when the occasion demands. At this time of year, the female ranks of London’s jeunesse dorée are imbued with an added frisson of excitement as Prince Harry makes his way once again into their gilded orbit. Probably. Harry Wentworth-Stanley is her son through her previous marriage to Lloyd's List underwriter Nicholas Philip Wentworth-Stanley. The helicopter pilot Prince is on leave and on the lookout for the sort of impeccably well-bred, clear-skinned blondes to which he is almost exclusively partial. Prince Harry was seen kissing and cuddling Cressida Bonas at Mayfair club Le Salon last week. The news of the secret wedding became public after her brother Jacobi Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe shared a picture of the newly-weds on Instagram stories. She then began an affair with Cressida’s entrepreneur father while he was still married to first wife Elspeth. The family seat is Penn House in Buckinghamshire but the current Howe earldom goes back only as far as the 19th century. STYLE;Elegant and sophisticated and she’s not afraid of a splash of colour when the occasion demands [DESMOND O'NEILL/PICTURE LIBRARY]. newspaper archive. In an interview with Evening Standard in January, Bonas had said: "I won't have a huge wedding, that's not really us. No doubt, by being seen out on the town with the likes of Miss Bonas, Harry — who is taking a break from pre-deployment training as an Apache helicopter pilot and gunner and is hoping to be posted to Afghanistan later this year — will be hoping to catch Chelsy’s eye. Granddaughter of beauty... Olympic wags: Why we deserve a medal too! Carole met Michael, son of a solicitor, when they both worked for British Airways. Step forward, for example, Cressida Bonas — a  23-year-old model and would-be actress with an unimpeachably noble lineage. Lady Mary-Gaye Curzon (66) and Jeffrey Bonas Cressy's mum (the daughter of the late Earl Howe) and her father, Jeffrey Bonas, were married for six years, but famously naughty Mary-Gaye has had three other husbands and four other children. ‘We shot the pictures in my studio in London and made it look like she was topless and holding her hands up to her face. Cressida, like the rest of Mary Gaye’s children has had to become used to their mother’s bohemian love life that has, on occasion, involved just the sort of louche behaviour that would be frowned upon in any social grouping other than that of the seriously rich and well-bred.

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