The War of 1812 . Powerfully interactive, it allows you to modify your mapping experience through various tools. 2. That is a lot of money. From the Learning Centre, you can download complete sets of lesson plans and supporting material for use in classrooms. 39 McArthur Ave The contents of Word documents can be modified with Microsoft® Word, part of the Microsoft® Office Suite of programs. This is particularly true in Eastern Canada and the Gulf of St. Lawrence where families of French, Irish, Scots, and English came to pursue new lives and economic activities. -CHSPR website, Vancouver : University of British Columbia Library, Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Canada. Canada 2050 . However, after adjusting for general inflation, spending per capita actually fell over the past five years – despite the fact that the population was getting older. Access geochronological information for Canada. In fact this often-unknown edge of Quebec shares roots, family names and dialects with the west coast of the island of Newfoundland. We’ll be happy to hear from you! For Adobe® PDF documents, you can download the Adobe® Acrobat Reader here: ( Download flash, download PDF reader. Canada from space . This 3rd edition of The Canadian Rx Atlas breaks down retail spending on prescription drugs Canada, providing a detailed portrait of the factors driving spending trends over time and variations across provinces. Desktop) in the window that appears and click Save. The maps aren’t loading / are loading slowly. This tutorial will run you through the mapping tool’s functions, giving you a solid foundation on how the tool works. Send any comments or suggestions to: Smaller items may not appear when the map is zoomed out. Navy Centennial . Some of the pages on this site require flash or Adobe's PDF reader. Alternatively, you can use the forward and backward arrows at the upper right to move through the pages. By comparison, a map of South Central Ontario in the printed Canadian Atlas uses a scale of 1:800,000. Whether Canadians live in small rural communities or in large cities, they attend performances at arts festivals, in theatres, concert halls and community spaces. Click on your choice to open the file in your browser window. These materials have been prepared by teacher-members of The Canadian Council for Geographic Education. Click on a menu item to view that page. To save a document to your computer’s hard drive, right-click (Ctrl-click for Macintosh) on the download icon. However, after adjusting for general inflation, spending per capita actually fell over the past five years – despite the fact that the population was getting older. Centre for Health Services and Policy Research, Population and Public Health (SPPH), School of,, 52383-RxAtlas2013_PUBLICRESULTS_FINAL_2013_10_22.xlsx, Centre for Health Services and Policy Research (CHSPR), "Canadians spent almost $23-billion on prescription drugs at retail pharmacies in 2012/13 – or over $650 per capita. American President James Madison signed a declaration of war against Great Britain on June 18, 1812. Unique to the Canadian Rx Atlas, these details are not provided simply for all spending on prescription drugs; it also provides these details for each of 33 clinically and economically important therapeutic categories." Please note our system requirements to see if your computer meets the minimum system requirements. The Can… If it does not load at all, try again at a later time. Canada's original inhabitants originated in Asia; as they searched for food, people from that continent crossed the Bering Strait between Alaska and Russia.. Over an indefinite period of time, a wide variety of unique Indian cultures and nations developed and prospered across most of North America, including all of Canada.. You can then choose to focus your exploration on a specific province, or look at plans for all of Canada. If maps are loading slowly, it may indicate that your computer has insufficient processing power to run The Canadian Atlas Online efficiently. Be sure to note the location where you are saving the file so you know where to find it later. Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF) is a publicly-available software used by standards bodies around the world for cross-platform, reliable electronic document distribution and exchange. Sometimes, it takes a little time to retrieve information from a database this size. Consultez le site de l’Atlas du Canada pour repérer des lieux, des cartes numériques, des jeux-questionnaires, des faits, de l’information géographique et des ressources éducatives au sujet du Canada. The Canadian Atlas Online offers valuable assistance to teachers and educators across Canada. Report a problem or mistake on this page. The surface of the Shield is mainly the result of glaciation and a great proportion of it is covered by water in the form of lakes, ponds and swamps. If you have more questions, please see the mapping tool’s help section.

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