On this page, you will find our recommendations for the Arena of Valor Heroes tier list. Call on your teammates to join you in the jungle! The Emoji System will soon appear in the latest Arena of Valor update in August 2020. Report System Optimization The official subreddit for the game Arena of Valor, a mobile and Nintendo Switch MOBA published by Tencent. Arena of Valor World Cup 2019 announces 12 teams to compete for USD$ 500,000 prize pool. Players who perform better last season will receive more ambitious goals. Get the game free from Google Play … Enter the world of Carano Chess from the main page. seconds -> 13.5 (-0.7/Lv.) New hero relationship unlock content, Beautiful Heavenly Maiden Ilumia Cosplay by Jun Vũ, Bloodraid Airi available in Vietnam server, Design Concept: Florentino, the Gentle Blade, Laville, Clestial Light: Abilities and Story Preview, Magic Academy (January 2020) Update Patch Notes, Keera, Nightingale: Abilities and Story Preview, Arena of Glory Spring 2020: Schedule, streams, and results. Fixed a display bug where the results screen shows “No rewards” if a player switches tasks briefly, even though no AFK penalty was applied and all rewards were issued correctly. Fixed a bug where players could be detected in brushes because of their avatar. The Arena of Valor Beta 28 Update Patch Notes sees Tencent Games has adjusted the balance of heroes, balance of equipment and enchantment. By adding player in the blacklist, the system will avoid matching this user as your teammate in the future. His place is quite hidden and has a lot of Shadow Hand ornaments and flags. The people in the middle class and above are more concerned with control, social welfare, and perfection. To enter the secret assembly hall, each member of the Shadow Hand has to use a secret door and use the elevator for 10 minutes. Have in mind that tier lists and best champions can differ from one player to another, and this is not meant to be a strict way of deciding what to do in the game, this is meant to give you a guideline throughout the game. 2.6. The main improvements we made in “The Reversal” are to performance, controls, presentation of information, hero balancing, some issues with improper in-game behaviors, and the new modes Gladiator’s Summit. Different classes will also gain different bonuses in matches. Carano Chess is a new casual match mode in Arena of Valor that pits players’ strategies in the different rounds. official group! By improving the artwork presentation together with more refined artistry in the scenes, we hope the revamped ranked match system UI will offer players a new and fresh experience. Amended the description of Volkath’s passive that Passive Shield is only triggered when the hero’s unit is attacked. We found that UI responses were slower on some devices, with issues such as stuttering when switching to a different page, and we have also received users’ feedback on this matter. What are you waiting for? Increased basic gold for Middle Lane Melee Soldier/Ranged Soldier/Ballistae: 40/25/68 -> 44/27/74; Increased basic EXP for Middle Lane Melee Soldier/Ranged Soldier/Ballistae: 42/32/55 -> 46/34/60; Reduced basic gold for Top and Bottom Lane Melee Soldier/Ranged Soldier/Ballistae: 40/25/68 -> 38/24/65. In the previous version, the actual effective range of Marja’s Ability 2 was slightly shorter than the indicator’s, causing Marja’s Ability 2 to go into cooldown with no actual effect when she attacks the enemy with a range at the extreme end of the indicator. Ranking is done in real time and is based on the current score at the end of each round. As indicated by the picture below, when tapping to cast Veera’s ability 2, the ability locks-on to Violet, who has lower HP, and not Yorn with full HP. We plan to make further changes to other heroes in future updates, and we welcome any feedback on these changes. We have tweaked the input detection for some UI elements, in particular [Hero Details], [Events] and [Team Up], in response to feedback about certain buttons being difficult to click and prone to misclicks. Create the most dominating team the MOBA world has ever seen! Master unique and powerful heroes, while teaming up with friends. If this increases Tulen’s strength excessively, we may carry out a minor correction later. As the left hand is generally used to control movement, and the Shop tab is currently on the left side, it can be difficult to toggle the Shop page while moving. To enable players to quickly understand their current tiers, we have also integrated the display of Tiers and Brave Points as these two functions are closely related. In the latest update, Tencent Games will apply the Blacklist System (“Avoid as Teammate”). Copyright © Garena Online. We have made major changes to the game’s memory management, resolving most crash issues due to consecutive matches on iPhones. New [Legendary Titles] tab will display all the Legendary Titles that the player has ever received, from the newest version to the oldest. We have tweaked the penalty criteria in blowouts to reduce false positives and encourage players to attack actively, rather than trying too hard to preserve their KDA. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We fixed a bug where, in certain situations, AFK is considered even when the player reconnects back to the game quickly after being forced offline during the character selection or loading phases. Now we want to improve the gold earnings for Support Heroes and reduce the cost of Support equipment to make Support players get what they want sooner. In order to stop this, we’ve toned down his survivability, this way when in a fight Ormarr can be punished more for his mistakes. In the new version, you can move the Shop page toggle to the right side of the screen, so that you can switch to the Shop and buy equipment while moving with your left hand at the same time. We found that the issue stemmed from iOS’ stringent control of memory use, which kills processes if they exceed expected parameters, even just slightly. Improved account carry-over: Once the hero selection phase has started, you may continue to play the same session using a different device by logging in to the same server (previously, you will be removed from the session or match and lose your Credibility Score). the path to victory! At the same time, with the new season, you can expect a whole new Ranked Match experience with our major updates, as well as system improvements in the match environment and matchup rules. Improved results tally: We have optimized load orders for art resources to allow players to return to the lobby more quickly after a battle, with particular optimizations for certain devices. Drag your hero into the battlefield to form a sensible team lineup, and tweak the hero’s position accordingly (make sure your rear is protected). Players will receive the corresponding rewards for each stage once the challenge is completed. DC LOGO, BATMAN and all related characters and elements & TM DC Comics. The 100% attack speed reward at the early stage is too easy to obtain. You can invite friends to pit your chess skills against them, but not in the same camp. Increased idle teammate compensation, 6.1. most Mages, Azzen’ka, Krixi, Sephera, etc. We found that directional abilities (such as Veera’s ability 2, Valhein’ ability 2 and Butterfly’s Ultimate) would lock-on to heroes with lower HP in an area greater than their range, in this instance, Violet. check them out! Currently, Quillen is holding a secret meeting by calling 100 selected Shadow Hand candidates who demonstrate extraordinary abilities. Tower HP bars used to be fixed, which made it difficult for ranged heroes to see their progress attacking the tower. We have relaxed the criteria for Support classes when their team is at a disadvantage. Just like the Government Parliament buildings, they are using the best construction materials to show their strong authority over the population. We have slightly toned down her damage reduction while in single weapon mode, so she is a bit more vulnerable when laning or in a team fight. Increased the mana cost of Ability 1 by 5. Ability 2’s cooldown reduction when normal attack hits a hero: 1s->2s, Inflicts stun if remaining HP% is lower than that of the target, deals True Damage if it is higher; triggers both effects when Ultimate is at max level, True Damage: Target’s HP% lost-> Target’s max HP %. Taara can use the Ultimate during the spinning of Ability 2 now. After the update, monsters will no longer disengage from combat when heroes like Murad, Zill and Sephera attack them with “Cannot be targeted” abilities. We hope you enjoy the new update! 2. Report issues you’ve experienced while playing AOV to our responsive customer You can express yourself more while playing and communicate with other players instead of using boring text. Duration of passive attack speed buff: 5 seconds -> 4 seconds. Arena of Valor will be taken offline on April 9th for maintenance, during which the game will be updated to the new “Light Chaser” patch. Such resources will not be added to their dynamic download queue to reduce storage taken up on the device. The colors of their cars are also quite diverse, but most are decorated in gold and silver. This setting will apply to to normal attacks and all abilities that are tap-to-cast. We will revamp the ranked match system by enveloping the scenes with better artwork display. Carano Chess is an ancient game played among the mages. Fixed a bug where the fog of battlefield did not work properly. We have greatly reduced the number of red dots in the Main Menu such as those found in the following systems: “Player Stats”, “Settings”, “Hero Customization”, and “Legendary Prime”. Players who are familiar with Violet should know that the enhanced normal attack after Ability 1 is activated includes a cannon attack and a super long-range gunshot, and both attacks can be deployed for critical hits. Also, to improve the refresh experience of Middle Lane Mages, we’ll make further tweaks to the battle mechanics and equipment system in this update.

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