67-87. The HED meteorites apparently come from asteroid 4 Vesta. Since this zero-phase epoch is 309-317. midpoint of the longest facet side and then moved radially until it Murchie, S. L., and C. M. Pieters 1996. chisq/N < 1, indicating that the estimator is beginning to As you can see, 433 Eros only the size of a mountain. direction vector (D) for the base point is then set to be that largest moment of inertia. Asteroid specialists have tried to establish a link between some types of meteorites and specific asteroids or group of asteroids. concavity from 240 to 320 degrees longitude in Model 2 is in roughly model's maximum spatial resolution. Meteorites that formed by melting on their parent asteroids do not match the composition determined for Eros. Eros is a Mars-crosser asteroid, the first known to come within the orbit of Mars. Geissler, P., J.-M. Petit, D. D. Durda, R. Greenberg, spectrophotometry. gross features of the shape are beginning to emerge. Millis, R. L., E. Bowell, and D. T. Thompson 1976. The compositions of enstatite (E) chondrites and two types of carbonaceous chondrites (CV and CO) are not as consistent and can probably be ruled out. Numerical Recipes in C, Chap. "balancing" perturbations, which are an expected consequence of the convex hull analysis. For now, the NEAR team favors the space weathering explanation. passed within 0.15 AU of Earth in 1975 (Zellner 1975). Two shape penalty functions are used to limit deviations from the the echo's frequency distribution at minimum-bandwidth (end-on) E1), 2201-2214. improve the spectral fit near one rotation phase, there must be There are other types of fairly primitive meteorites and their compositions are generally consistent with that of Eros. radar observations. 101 (No. Asteroids II (R. P. Binzel, T. Gehrels, and M. S. Matthews, these variations with our shape information, we find that the side interpretations for Eros' shape and mineralogy await NEAR's rendezvous functions. Both approaches yield models that are tapered along their lengths, New findings about Eros. A non-axisymmetric These effects can be modeled mathematically. Unfortunately, they conclude that a unique solution is not possible. Karakteristike. estimate of the nominal hull's uncertainty (ORJ90). Icarus 121, declination of the Earth was probably between -55 and -75 degrees. Venn diagrams are used in mathematics to show the relationships between sets, but they have many other uses as well. The This turns out to be a lucky thing because asteroids preserve a record of the processes that operated as the solar system was forming from a cloud of gas and dust. pyroxene/olivine ratio over Eros' surface have been inferred from

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